Ironbreaker Talent: Rune-Forge

Some Patch before (or in Beta, i forget), this Talent Rune-Forge(lvl 15 Talent) give +10 Permanent Heal…
Why Change Rune-Forge to +10 Temporary Heal?

Level 20 Talents givs Temporaty Heal…
I dont see a usefull use in Rune-Forge as Temporaty Heal… its Permanent is a bit better and maybe usfull.
or like +50 Temporary Heal make it usfull…

It always gave temp health, it was just erroneously labeled as permanent health (as many other talents also were)

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nono was in a Version or in Beta Permanent…

so or so, for what Temporary Heal? i dont see the clue behinde… all others LvL 15 Talents are better for this Class.

Nope. it just SAID it gave perma health.
In actuality it only gave temp health (I was also surprised so I did testing back then).

so you mean the Text was wrong?

Yes, that is what my first post said. :slight_smile:

To be fair, it is pretty clear that all of the talents that say they give true hitpoints were at one point intended to give true hit points, but they changed it to temp hit points.

but you can say, Wrong Text, or Wrong effect… i say wrong Effecte

Well, they clarified it in patch notes when they changed it saying that the text was wrong and has been fixed, so Fatshark disagrees with you there.

is okay… but then i ask… why +10 Temporary Heal?
For what? this is like usless

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