Iron Breaker Lv 20 Talent Question

Hi Guys

I’m a fairly new player enjoying the IB and I’ve got a question for more experienced players.

I see there is a talent to increase on a mele kill and one talent that gives HP on a stagger. I do a lot of shield bashing to keep mobs on the floor to minimise damage others players might take.

If I do a single shield bash hitting 6 targets will I get x6 HP back versus a single mele kill. Does that make sense?

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The stagger talent might actually not work on pushes. (I’m not sure)
The kill talent only gives back around 0.5 thp for low tier units (but like 20 for a SV) while stagger gives at least 1 thp per staggered enemy.

The stagger talents do indeed give temporary health (thp) on pushes.

In my opinion, the thp on stagger talent synergizes better with shields than any weapon in the game, since shields have really good stagger. Especially if you like to push mobs to the floor, which the exact playstyle that talent is designed for.

Also, the talent applies to every stagger, but it also is affected by the strength of the stagger. So if you knock 6 enemies to the floor, you will get maximum thp x6. If you just knock them back a little bit you will get partial thp x6. If you knock only half of the enemies to the floor, you will get maximum x3 and partial x3.

Thp on kill is better for weapons like the 1h axe that are always killing things. Thp on stagger is better for weapons that knock enemies around alot like shields. Weapons which do a little bit of both like the 2h axe are really up to personal preference imo.

Hope this helps. Let me know if the way I explained it was overly confusing.


Hi Hax

Thanks for that, I thought a shove was staggering them but now you mention it I’m not sure what’s counts as a stagger.


At least in theory, any strike that causes an enemy to move or lose their balance, but does not kill them, is “staggering” them. This does not apply to any Career Skills, though, so sadly no huge THP amounts from charging the enemies as Foot Knight. As always, there’s also the possibility of some wonkiness in registering the stagger occasionally, and at least shield slams and the few other strikes that use the same mechanic have caused some wondering about their effectiveness.

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Poster above explained it pretty well.
I’ll just add that THP on kill is almost always worse than alternatives.
(Possible exceptions are playing Legend Vanguard Deed with AP weapon or Legend Twitch mode as a Shade/Huntsman.)

Generally, I would rank these as follows:
THP on Stagger/Cleave > Crit+HS > Kill

THP on kill is good if you can consistently and quickly kill Elites (and other high-durability enemies) in melee. So its usefulness depends a lot on your Career, weapons, skills… And team composition. Even if you are playing a Slayer with Dual Axes and War Pick (one of the best candidates for using it), if your team consists of Huntsman, Waystalker and Pyromancer (for example), you will rarely get to use the Talent unless the others specifically let you.

In general, THP on cleave is the most generally useful as even low-cleave weapons can get moderate effect out of it. Stagger is another one where everyone has at least some weapons that can use it, but its certainly far less effective in general. There are weapons that can get a lot out of it though (shield as the most important one). On crit and on kill are both more situational, requiring certain Careers and/or loadouts to work, but both can be better than the others on those particular loadouts.

Hi guys

Thanks for taking the time to give such detailed answers, they were really helpful. I now understand that when I sheild slam/push I will get HP back and this is something I do a lot (I use sheild+axe).

I’ll change over my talents.


Could anyone confirm whether health on stagger works on shotgun bashes or whether it is melee weapon only? I highly doubt it applies to range as that would be rather OP but worth confirming.

No confirmation through testing, but for most mechanics, that strike is still a “ranged” attack as it’s performed with a ranged weapon. So the likely answer is no. It’s not that hard to test, though.

Had a quick test when I got home from work and shotgun bashing doesn’t count as a melee attack so does not proc health on stagger. Damn you Fatshark and your forethought in making any attack by a range weapon only count as a range attack.

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