How much THP do you actually get from THP on stagger?

I don’t usually use this healing talent but I thought I’d try it because the Outcast Engineer has a talent which gives you a very powerful stagger attack every 15 seconds, but whenever I use this talent, I only ever get 2THP from it. Is this a joke?

It had me realize that the values on THP on stagger are very unclear to me, so does anyone know what they are?

I can’t remember the exact amounts. But thp on stagger with shield weapons or hammers is amazing.

Could always go on the modded relm later and check if no one here has the exact values.

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I’d appreciate that, thanks.

If it’s only good with hammer/shields then I’d have to wonder why this talent is on the engineer, next to THP on cleave. I’d prefer for one of the THP talents to be THP on kill personally.

What difficult are you playing on? I was using it on his new melee weapon last night and it felt good? If I remember correctly, if you kill the target, you don’t get thp from stagger. So it gets better the higher the difficulty and the more hp mobs have

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Legendary. His hammer is alright but I prefer the normal 2h hammer, and I love using THP on kill with the 2h hammer, very satisfying.

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THP on stagger can be counter-intuitive rewarding too E.G. - At higher difficulties using the dagger on Sienna Unchained with THP on Stagger gives massive thp generation as the dagger doesn’t kill things first hit, so you get the stagger on everything from a clan-rat upwards. This also means she can swap out the Bomb Balm talent that people rely on and use the talent that buffs power levels… to make the dagger powerful enough to 2/3 hit an SV. It’s a weird backwards - but very effective - synergy.


Stagger THP doesnt make sense since conception, if you take the armory mod 2HH has stupid high THP on stagger yet you take footknight with +35% Stagger and you cant sustain yourself from it
But you take a shield and bash yourself full BAR from 2 heavy attacks

Currently Piston Power doesn’t give you any tHP at all.

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That might be because you’re killing targets which doesn’t generate thp. The shields also have a much wider arc for hitting/blocking. Pretty sure it’s called push/block angle in game which you can increase even more with properties on the weapon and necklace. You can actually push mobs behind you with the Shields for nearly 360 degree stagger.

yea thats why stagger is broken, if you apply X stagger it shouldnt matter the target died
It doesnt matter for crit THP or multi hit THP it SHOULDNT matter for stagger THP
And even if, 2HH on heavy gibs 1 maybe 2 rats and rest 8 are staggered and yet you got like 1-2 Hp
And push block angle doesnt work on attacks and attacks generate stagger THP

So stagger is either extremely well performign trait for shields 1st heavy / sienna fire sword 1st heavy
abysmally bad on anything else

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I disagree its abysmally bad. In fact I’d argue there are some talents for classes that do not synergize at all with their weapons but that’s a talent choice issue, rather than a stagger issue.

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If a THP talent works on shield + siena sword with very good consistency and it generaters near infinite THP
But it straight up does nothing on all other weapon types that too DO stagger alot
its busted

Thats like if cleave thp did what its supposed to on greatsword but didnt work on executioner cuz GS cleaves but doesnt kill however exec cleaves too but also kills so no thp

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yeah so thats more about killing things too fast. I think it’s still a problem with talent choice as there are some classes that seem to have the wrong choices of talents to suit their style.


At higher difficulties using the dagger on Sienna Unchained with THP on Stagger gives massive thp generation as the dagger doesn’t kill things first hit, so you get the stagger on everything from a clan-rat upwards

Would the first heavy be the best attack for that or would it be just light spam/block canceling before the stab?

spam left click in a horde, block and push when you need to and use the heavies on armour/mauler etc. Even light spam with ULT + Fuel to the Fire can do over plague rats etc.

Literally light spam and pushing to buy you space to stab something in the crown. :slight_smile:

I’ll explain it as clearly as possible so I won’t be misunderstood.

I’m the Outcast Engineer, using the 2h hammer, THP on stagger, with the piston power talent, I use a heavy attack on the CW and knock it down, it’s not dead, and yet I only gain 2THP. Is this a joke or is it broken?

I really feel I’ve been mislead by the talents descriptions if it’s working as intended.
-Engineers Resolve: “Staggering enemies with a melee attack grants temporary health. Health gained based on stagger strength.” Key words being “health gained on stagger strength”

-Piston Power: "Every 15 seconds Bardin gains a buff that grants immense Stagger to his next charged attack. "

If THP on stagger is gained based on stagger strength and piston power grants “an immense stagger” then why the hell is the THP return so poor? This talent has to be busted. From what I heard else where, THP is gained based on how many you stagger? But you gain nothing on kill or if someone staggers them first? What?! I was under the impression that strong stagger builds would grant you more THP when you stagger enemies, but it turns out that what you’re supposed to do is bring a shield and spam shove to gain THP by staggering as many enemies as you can? So it’s basically a weird/broken version of THP on cleave then?

Worst of all when I ask for details on how this talent actually works, and what it’s values are, no one actually knows. I never liked THP on stagger before, but now I just hate it, it sounds so stupid. I’d much rather have the choice between THP on kill or on cleave, I at least know how these talents work and they do work, they’re reliable.

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I just told you.

I read your post, no need to spam the thread.
As I explained in my previous post, which you overlooked. “I feel as though I’ve been mislead by the descriptions of the talents” I suggest you delete this post and re read my main post and respond to that, thanks.

What? You asked whether or not Piston Power is broken and if stagger tHP works with it. I told you that it doesn’t. You seemingly missed that and your next comment asks the question again. I don’t get it.

Yes, it’s busted, Piston Power does not increase tHP from stagger. That’s it, end of thread.

I never asked if piston power is broken??? I asked how THP on stagger works, I asked if anyone has the values on the THP talent, I then explained why I was confused by THP system given how the description is explained, the talent “THP on stagger” doesn’t seem to work properly and is broken, and if it is working as intended, then the description does a poor job of explaining how it works.

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