Grimnirs Focus

This Talent is so absurdly good the way it works right now it has to be a Bug, as long as you spam Light Attacks you get 50 % received DMG reduction.

This is working as intended. :slight_smile:


Are you SURE? On LIGHT attacks? As in: not charged attacks?

Yeah, I think it is worded poorly then.

Description should be changed from “when charging your attack” to simply “attacking”, cause it’s really misleading now.

Also there’s inconsistency problem, cause far as I noticed it doesn’t activate on push-stab.

@FatsharkJulia — sorry to bother you, but could you get this feedback to the team too? And — thanks.

This has to be the most poorly worded talent in fatsharks history then or fatsharkjulia really just missed whats going on here. Also it makes oblivious to pain or barge look absolutely useless then so i honestly cannot see this being “working as intended”.

Well, OtP is still nice, when you not attacking/seeing a hit, focusing on dodging or whatnot. Barge would’ve been much more useful if not for it’s pitiful range. I took it on a few runs, hoping to counter-balance dodge nerfs, and you literary just need to be in the guy’s face and dodge right into him for it to work.

But on the grand scheme yeah, as it stands now GF clearly a favorite. I would suggest lowering it to 30%-35%, and buffing Barge to bigger radius, but Slayer is a 100 health char that has little defence options as is, so I dunno. Increase his base health to 125 beforehand, maybe?

Also, with 50%, this talent fits him so well, attacking means living, and vice-versa.

Might be true but oblivious is only against elite enemies while this thing works against any type of damage. You could in theory run at at rattling gunner with 50 % dr -.-. Heck considering how broken oblivious to pain was previously its shocking to me anything still gives this amount of dr for literally 0 drawbacks.

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