THP talent for hitting multiple enemies doesn't trigger for shield bashes

I don’t see why this shouldn’t be the case since shield bashes do trigger the THP on stagger talent. But the game doesn’t seem to recognize shield bashes as an “attack” despite it dealing damage to multiple enemies.


Cleave =/= Stagger, that’s why it doesn’t trigger. Staggering an enemy is one thing, whereas cleaving multiple enemies is another, and shield bash/push doesn’t cleave.

Doesn’t matter because the description of the talent says ‘hitting multiple enemies with a single attack’.
A shield bash is a single attack, and it is hitting multiple targets.

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Its aoe attack it doesnt have cleave at all, and you need to damage them, and damage cone for shield bash is very small

im pretty sure that talent reads as “damaging multiple enemies in one swing.”

shield bashes give higher stagger and deals very little damage.

thp on stagger works really well for shields.

Even if they deal very little damage, they still deal damage, so they fulfill the requirements of the talent.

The fact that THP on stagger works better on shields than thp on cleave only strengthens the request that thp on cleave works for shields, since it won’t be better than thp on stagger, and some classes just don’t have thp on stagger. For example, Mercenary only has THP on kill and on cleave, but does have access to a shield. This would give him some variety, as mercenaries could start using sword and shield or mace and shield, even if it isn’t as effective as thp on stagger.
And more variety, when it is not op, is always good.


No they don’t otherwise unchained ignite push should heal you too

Yeah pretty much, it’s silly that THP on stagger works so well whereas THP on cleave doesn’t work at all. If it did work on cleave it wouldn’t be overpowered at all because THP on cleave still has a cap on the number of targets hit.

I fully agree THP on hitting multiples should be buffed, but the shield bash only damages 1 enemy and merely staggers the rest. So that’s the issue mechanics-wise maybe? I believe the exact wording of the talent is “striking”, so that could be interpreted any way.

I forget the exact details but I was told the shield bash effect actually counts as an explosion with infinite cleave for stagger, but it only hits one target directly. This was later changed to do 10 damage in a narrow cone while preserving the single target damage and the wide stagger radius. It doesn’t make perfect sense to refer to it as “cleave” because you’re not cutting through one enemy and into another. It’s more like you punch a pizza cutter into a group of enemies and cut a bunch of them standing side by side.


its called balance. you cannot have one weapon work with both stagger talents. shields actually only damage 1 enemy and not multiple enemies. shields should only get thp for stagger because its made to stagger.

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