2h sword push-attack

Moved from bugreport.

Issue Summary:
2h sword (3rd Kruber) push-attack is not triggering Build Momentum (increased stamina regen after heavy attack)

Is it bug or intended?

only charge attacks. not a bug

It did trigger the ability for a little bit but they did patch it recently.

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Hmm… as far as I remember, they remaked push-attack to heavy type attack, when they added this mechanic? So this was changed?

If I am remembering correctly the patch after they changed the damage profile had a fix that prevented push attacks from proccing stamina regen as it was an unintended change.

So this crutch mechanic is even worse then I thought. You have anti-armor strike, but before you use it, you need to make usless action (push, and it useless against armor, also, it will consume your stamina), and only then you can strike. It had some sense, when it triggered talent, now… poor designed game mechanic.

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I am fairly sure the 2H sword push stab does significantly more damage versus armour than the heavies.

I will try to “throw” the push off to the side as to not stagger the target and then align on them for the strike.

It’s all because fatshark for some unknown reason hates the alternative attack button. I see nothing wrong in heavy attack consuming stamina, to limit its usage, buf it should be pozzible to execute it without this whole block->push->strike ordeal.


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