Mace and sword push attack crits do not add damage

Took a video of what I noticed.

Mercenary kruber using a mace and sword, I have the garunteed crits every 5 hits skill and 20 percent crit power on my trinket.

using the push attack on the dummies, it seems like the attacks that crit and the attacks that do not crit do the same damage, this also seemed to be the case on non armored dummies.

Also sometimes get 2 boxes for the crit skill using this weapon.

EDIT: After a bit more testing none of krubers push attack crits do more damage. Didn’t try other characters, but I tried all kruber weapons.

You are using the critical bonus on your push.

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So push counts as normal attack? Nice… Do “critical pushes” occur naturally too,?

Yes. And it have more stagger power. You can push something up to sv i believe


After some more testing CommissarTyr is right, this behavior is only seen when using mercs every 5 hits is a crit skill, that skill makes it so you cannot get crits on the attack of the push attack, only the push part. If I take that skill off then I can start getting normal push attack crits again.

Also made sure to test on other characters and they get push attack crits normally.

So I am not sure if this counts is a ‘bug’, maybe as unintended behavior?

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