Pushes consuming guaranteed crits

With all of the awesome new talents added to Winds of Magic, I’ve noticed one very unfortunate interaction with those that provide guaranteed critical hits, in that pushing will consume it. I would consider this an oversight, but it really does effectively ruin the reliability of otherwise fun and useful talents (like Huntsman’s bonus crit chance after scoring a headshot, or Merc’s guaranteed crit after every 5 attacks, etc). It’s kind of strange that pushes crit at all, so maybe that should simply be removed to fix this issue.


IB’s talent that gives power to the next attack after blocking also gets used up in pushes. It makes the talent almost completely useless.


@Fatshark_Hedge should this be here or in bugs? Hard to tell if intended or not.

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Indeed. I really like these talents, too. They’re neat. Hate to see wasted potential.


Should probably be a damage buff that lasts for a few seconds instead of only for one attack.

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But sometimes the crit synergizes with other stuff so it would be preferable. Like class abilities such as those from WHC, Shade, etc… And from stuff like Swift Slaying. If the shove didn’t consume the crit it would be brilliant.


Do you play WHC at all? The new riposte talent feels so good, especially with the crit-headshot-instakills. It exemplifies the kind of flow of combat that I love to experience, like a deadly dance, a confluence of perfetly timed dodges and counter-attacks. I think that talent is one of the only ones that doesn’t get used up on push, so it’s a great example of how enjoyable the rest could be.


Yeah, exactly what I meant.

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Consider what a supplemental attack that adds some utility?

It’s petit revenge for people disagreeing with him on a different thread. Ignore it :wink:


It may consumes the crit on pushes in order wo work for push-attacks.

That doesn’t really make sense, though. The push can crit without the push attack criting. It’s definitely just an oversight. I’m not even sure if crit-pushes are stronger than regular pushes, and even if they are, it’s still not worth the loss of the potential effectiveness of these talents.

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