What's the point of "guaranteed Crits every X hit" talents like Leading Shots?

Zealot has one, Outcast Engineer has one, and I’m sure one other class has one too.

If it simply added a guaranteed Crit I can see it as decent DPS boost. But since it takes out the RNG crits, taking this talent feels more like a side grade. It makes crits a bit more predictable but in the long run does it do anything? Is it worth the talent slot? At most I can imagine Zealot freeing up a property in his melee for something else other than Crit chance

Is there a synergy or some hidden advantage of taking something like Leading Shots?

In chaos wastes there are plenty of talents that activate on crit so being able to know when you crit becomes extremely powerful.

During regular gameplay it’s not fantastic but there are usecases for it.

Zealot and Mercenary offer level 10 talent options that guarantee critical hits every 5 strikes while sacrificing random crits. However, Outcast Engineer’s level 10 crit talent applies exclusively to ranged attacks, activating once every 4 shots. This is particularly useful against black rats and warpfire enemies due to the crits’ armor-piercing nature.

While not ideal for most situations, these talents can be leveraged effectively in specific builds. Mercenary, with its inherent 5% crit chance bonus, may find this option somewhat less appealing.

The rationale behind these talents is to eliminate the need for crit chance on your trinkets or weapons. This allows you to focus on stacking power bonuses, enabling you to reach significant breakpoints for one-shotting and staggering foes.

Zealot’s power bonus for low green HP extends to his ranged weapon, making the Volley Crossbow exceptionally potent on Zealot. Given that its ADS attack fires 3 bolts at once, almost every other shot guarantees a crit. This can be combined with the ‘ammo back on crit’ trait to maintain ammo. Again, when Zealot is low on health, his ranged damage output increases significantly, especially when firing the Volley Crossbow’s 3 bolts simultaneously.

The bonus to picking this is extremely obvious or should be.

  1. You know Fatshark RNG. Sometimes you crit 3 times in a row. Sometimes you don’t get one in 10 strikes. This mitigates that and allows you to circumvent unpredictability.
  2. You can remove +Crit Chance entirely from your build, allowing you to focus on Attack Speed / Power Bonusses. Not bad at all, if you are going for something extra.

For the melee´s, its like having a 20% crit chance without building any crit in a sense. As for Engineer, its ranged exclusive and it works really well with his Gattling gun.