Could the Zealot get a +15% extra max ammo passive talent?


I have been playing a lot with the Zealot and i love using ranged weapons on this class. The Zealot has some passive talents and other talents that help the ranged combat, but there is one passive talent the ranged Zealot players could use and that is to have some more extra ammo.

The Zealots version of the passive max ammo talent would a bit less powerful than those on the Veteran and Ogryn that gives them +25% more max ammo. Reason for this is that Zealot is a mainly melee ranged fighter class. So i was hoping that the Zealot could get a passive talent would give them +15% more max ammo.

The +15% more max ammo would help the Zealot a lot when the need comes for you to take out more ranged enemies or melee enemies like the Rager before they can get close to you or your teammates. I’ve had to play a lot of matches where we have no Veteran or Psyker that is capable of taking out Snipers or Shooter hordes because we:

  1. No Veteran
  2. Veteran uses the autopistol, braced autogun or a shotgun
  3. Psyker uses the flame staff and has no brain burst

So here is hoping that a Zealot could get a little passive talent that would give some more ammo for blasting those high priority targets when there are no other class in the match to do that task. Also having more ammo is always a big + .

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