Crits, and our inability to get them

It is currently possible to stack a total of 10% crit on yourself through items. Some classes can add another 5% through talents.

That is WOEFULLY inadequate when so many abilities and traits revolve around getting crits. If there is nothing I can do through itemization or talents to make crits at least somewhat dependable, then it makes allllllllllll these crit talents and traits useless.

Can we increase the crit chance on items to a possible 10%?
Or can we make crit chance modifiers available on necklaces and charms?

Alternatively…remove crit talents and traits and replace them with something more useful.


You have 5% base and can get 15% from items. (Both weapons + trinket) and more from the talents or huntsman aura etc…

Thats a pretty damn good chance, you arent supposed to crit every second hit and trigger all your crit effects.


Unless something has changed, you dont get stat benefits from both weapons… only the one you are using.

So if your base is 5%, then 15% is the best you can get unless you are a class with a crit talent.


In earlier betas, crit % were higher, and it was rather silly how those on crit effects would proc so often you could build solely around them.
Crit should be something you have to invest into if you want a lot of it, and it should be unreliable.
I think a crit rate of 20% is perfectly sufficient, bordering on too common.
It’s higher damage, potentially armour piercing, then it might trigger another effect or two.
Cooldown on crit is already allowing mages near constant fire, and ammo on crit in the closed beta would allow a waystalker infinite ammo.
So far, crit rates are 5% base, up to 10% from mods on items, a 5% bonus on shade and kruber, and unless they changed that, a weird and undocumented ~10% bonus on elven dualwield melee weapons.
With faster weapons, that means a crit on average every 3-5 seconds, enough to, at least theoretically, keep up the 20% attack speed buff weapon trait throughout a fight. That’s pretty good, I’d reckon.


Correct me if im wrong but aren’t headshots also considered crits, because im pretty sure talents with “crit” work on headshots as well.

Crit is weird in this game. I don’t think it’s even equal to the stats you are provided lol. Go test it out on Training dummies and you’ll see. It’s so odd man. But I feel you

Depending on the weapon, you can attack 2-3 times a second. 20% crit rate, gives you about a crit every couple seconds. How many crits do you need?!

are you sure both weapon stats stack?

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Hgh finesse weapons like rapier or twin daggers have a much higher innate crit chance.

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Higher crit chance would be ok if they reduced a bit of their damage, AND most importantly, make them NOT pierce armour. Otherwise charged attack would be useless on most weapons

items went up to 10% before, as did the talents that increased crit chance. attack speed did as well. it was horrendously broken

Kruber Merc can get 25% crit.
5% base
5% class passive
5% talent
10% gear

In combination with +20% attackspeed on crit its a wonderful build that makes merc powerful.

This, this is also how you make WHC Powerful with the rapier, and you just crit fish.


nope , a memory only of a FS stream and no idea which it was. sometime around beta i think , they were talking about how heavy slow weapons tended to have bonus on cleave and stagger while finesse weapons tended to have higher crit chance and headshot multipliers.

i may have remembered it wrong it was a while ago , it may have changed. /shrug

On my WS, I have crit on my melee, and trinket. That’s 10%, plus the base 5 crit is 15%. Then you add in the lvl5 talent “Morai-Heg’s Scorn” for another 5 which brings you to 20% crit. That is more than enough. Even with the glaive, I seem to crit a lot. To the point when I’m surrounded by a CW patrol, I can usually count on a crits to proc and kill them quickly.

Also, as was mentioned before, dual weapons have a higher base crit chance as well. And I think the shade has naturally higher crit too if I remember correctly.

its so annoying that so many things in this game revolve around a % crit chance for it to trigger.
seriously - this doesnt feel satisfying.

Thats why Saltzpyre with his guaranteed crits is the only character I have fun speccing my character into crit-dependent things.

I guess you’ve never played a MMO or RPG or even something like Dungeons and dragons where you have to rely on dice rolls. It’s RNG, always has been.

I don’t understand what you want? In your opinion you’d rather just have characters crit all the time? Or every 2nd hit or something? That would be broken… Considering you can already 1 shot most elites in the game with the right build.

With the WS and my 20% crit, it’s normally enough to keep my Swift Slaying trait up during the entire horde. For my Hagbane, with Ammo Regen and ammo on crit, I never run out. Using the WS ult with the bow out can give me around 6+ ammo if it crits through a horde.

On the pyro, with the trait that reduces ult cooldown on crits. I can pump out a burning head every 5-10 seconds with the beam staff and the lvl 25 talent to remove all overcharge with a burning head.

I would actually go as far as saying that the crit chance should actually be lowered.

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Speccing into crits is already very good. It allows for infinite ammo on most classes.
20% crit chance is also enough to keep your swift slaying up indefinetly so buffing crits would be ridiculous.

If you don’t like the RNG aspect of them then don’t use +crit chance. You can do fine without it.

I don’t agree with it at all. IMO FS should rework/rebalance on-crit interactions like RC, Scounger or Heat Sink, they are way to strong on a certain builds and just bad on other builds who can’t stack high enough crit. Same is true for ARP, crits in general are inconsistent but rewarding, they are a lot more rewarding then headshots that’s just wierd.

Also flat -2 sec remaining CD on RC is just bullshŃ–t, it benefits low CD ults and is so bad on high CD ones.

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