Feedback/Suggestions focused on end game (and new difficulty cataclysm from WOM)

Suggestions based on the mindset of playing In legend and cataclysm(from WOM, been playing the beta) “end game”.


  1. Crit chance: with characters only being able to get to 15%/20%, raising the characters base crit % to 10/15 or raising the value of the crit stat on weapons or trinkets/character crit traits, would actually allow crit focused characters to crit more then “once in a while”.

  2. Power vs/damage reduction vs stats: with there being 3 enemy types now, making these stat more mainstream(ex. Removing the VS “enemy” from these stats) would allow them to be useful all the time and not just hit or miss depending on what enemy type you got in you missions.

  3. Weapon traits: out of all 6, 3 of them are useless. Just having new weapon traits would be a big gameplay improvement. Maybe (out of 6) make 2 focused on DPS, 2 raise your tankyness/survivability, 2 on utility/team oriented.

Just Suggestions:

  1. Having veteran rarity items have 3 properties and also allow players to roll individual properties instead of all at once.

2.Raising drop rate of veteran(red) rarity items.

Disclaimer: I haven’t participated in the Beta, but as this was posted in the common area (likely because the private beta section of the forum closed with the beta) and the suggestions mostly don’t seem to directly relate to the beta and its gameplay, I’ll comment anyway.

  1. That might be a decent idea, but it needs care in balancing. The 45% crit rates that certain characters can (somewhat) reliably hit at the moment are, frankly, insane. In addition, the Traits triggered by crits have been pretty hard to balance from the start, and more limited range for crit rates could actually rein those in a bit. Anything more that that, I cannot comment until I’ve played some after the WoM update comes out.

  2. It’s kind of the point with those Properties that they’re limited: You cannot get a general bonus against everything without using several slots worth of Properties. Yes, some other Properties and Traits give bonuses that are effective against any enemy, but they’re inherently unreliable, very small by themselves or otherwise conditional. If these limitations were removed from the Power Vs. Properties (for example), they would immediately multiply in power - triple, if we look at the racial Powers and Beastmen. That’d immediately bring them up as too strong, and reduce the customisation options in the game. A big part of the design of those abilities is that you can’t gain everything, and you’ll have to sacrifice something to get better at another area. If anything, I’d say we’ll need a third racial option to Power vs. (and DR vs, but they need some looking at anyway) Properties to give us a similar option against the Beastmen too.

  3. Quite true, even if I’m generally reluctant to call anything “useless”. But as WoM will bring a lot of balancing changes to the game, it will also change the context of many of those Traits, so I think they shouldn’t be immediately changed (at least for the most part) but rather start being looked at after WoM has been out at least for a few weeks so that we can get a good feel for the new interactions and start finding new places for them. For two examples, anything crit-triggered gets affected by crit rates and if they’re indeed as limited as you said in your first point, they’re immediately somewhat more limited in strength, and the new reliance for staggering may well find more use for Opportunist.

As for the last points, Veteran items drop quite a lot already if you play on Legend (and I think they’re a suitable reward for that level). Other players’ experiments have apparently (I haven’t looked at the primary sources for them) suggested a total drop rate of around 20-25% from Emperor’s Vaults, so on average four or five runs (one or two nights of playing, depending on your time played and completion speed) will produce one.

I don’t think the Veteran items should be stronger than Exotics (through extra Property or otherwise), but I do feel they lack some uniqueness. I’ve ranted more about this before; I won’t go deeper now. Letting us roll one Property at a time would be a fantastic QoL improvement, though, and would save a lot of annoyance, frustration and time.

I didn’t want to post this in the WOM feedback forum because outside of the new difficulty in doesn’t really have anything to do with the beta. (Cataclysm difficulty is insane, all three enemy types are present in a mission and all special enemies start spawning right from the beginning to. It’s like theres a horde active at all time but it’s made up of all 3 enemy types and all special enemies)

1.I know some characters can you get really crit chance, it would be a buff that would target the characters that can’t do that and of course I know that would require some balancing on the characters that can already get high crit%. But one thing I did notice in the beta is that you noticeably crit less often and I don’t know why (about half as often compared to the normal game).

  1. I do understand the are suppose to be somewhat limited but (personally opinion) I don’t enjoy the aspect of my gear bonuses usefulness being up to a dice(or being useful against 1/3rd of the enemies). IMO I don’t think making those stats just “%power” or “%dr” would overpower the player, especially in cataclysm.

  2. Sure you got me on that one(traits being useless). In wom weapon traits didn’t change and they are pushing the whole stagger for more damage really hard. So much so that imo there will be a new build for characters that have shields, using Opportunist and the new stagger talents on most (if not all, can’t remember) characters. But I still think that opportunist should be buffed (ex. Removing the words “when used against an attacking enemy”). Outside of Off balance/Swift slayer, the other talents imo should be looked at.

Partially agree with you on your very last point, Veteran items do lack uniqueness though I would be 100% be for them being stronger Exotics because they are a higher rarity and harder to get. Having 3 properties could be enough to null n void previously things I said about item properties. At the end of the day Vermintide is a PvE game focused on lvling up and making your character powerful. (I know theres a Versus mode that could come out but players would play as the various enemy types not there own characters Vs other players character and would assume that the mode would be balanced separately from the rest of the game (i.e would most likely revolve around nerf/buffing the “enemy” players)

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