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I really enjoy this game so far. I’ve got suggestion about end game, right now after hitting lvl 30 and getting 300 power items you complete your way as character, how about insted of getting levels in way like 30(+14) ,
after hitting lvl 30 having an option to erase all your current level progression to 1 with little buff choosing from for example +1% crit, +1% atk speed, +3%hp etc., with ability to do this like 5 times max?

I don’t think that stat increase is good idea, because it would result in grind for a grind (but minmaxers would be pleased).
But idea of resetting levels may be used in other way. For example give cosmetics, illusions or even reds for player’s choice.

i’m already maxed out on gear power at 300, with plenty of resources to roll for whatever traits i want, and i gotta say reds are my only gear goal now.

this is a huge difference against v1’s impossible perfect 3 trait combination rolling.

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What? It was not a problem at all, after you grind some, but maybe you did not play in the later version of V1, when you could reroll stuff. What was hard is getting the reds you wanted. I had perfect trait on every orange and blue I used (as some of the blues where better then orange versions).

don’t know about you. i played for several months grinding cataclysm just for fun (i already had many reds, but the reds did not have my ultimate combo)

i was looking specifically for the traits regrowth/instantkill/scavenger on my sword and dagger.

i think i must have rerolled in the altar like close to 500 times. i did not get what i wanted.

i was still happy with my red sword + dagger which gives regrowth/instakill/improved block tho =)

I guess I was luckier, I usually had to reroll like 50+ times to get the specific combo, and then about 10 times to get the max stats on it :slight_smile:

Heroic or normal killing blow? That combo is impossible to get with regular killing blow.

Try it out yourself: https://rats.nyaasync.net/

i have that combo on other weapon types, just not sword n dagger. the 1h red sword which i have has that perfect combo, but it’s moveset isn’t as versatile sadly.

normal hit regrowth / chance of instakill on humanoids / scavenger

It’s unique to the 1h elf sword. Some of the reds have that in VT1. The red 1h elf sword, sword and dagger and the infamous BOK (1h dwarf hammer) are all weapons with unique trait combos and are considered “BiS” by some.

red sword and dagger is still my favourite in vt1. sadly, there’s way too many tough enemies in legend to use it effectively, although with this new patch introducing increased hordes and less armoured targets, it can make a comeback!

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