Make crit bonus better

in every terms of usage, crit bonus seems great, but it isnt.
vs race / armour has been always better even with crit.
please buff crit properties.


Some classes benefit greatly from the crit power bonus: BH for one, can kill CWs in one-shot with the Repeater pistol and the appropriate build, and wouldn’t be able to reach the breakpoint without it.

nope, i tested already. having vs power is better even for crit.

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Because not everyone knows how exactly things work, here is some clarification: The Crit Power Property applies only to the damage a crit adds. So if a weapon does 1.5 times its normal damage on crit (the case on weapons with strong crits, to the best of my knowledge), only the .5 gets boosted by Crit power. On a Veteran weapon, the bonus is 20%, which raises the total Crit damage to 1.6 times regular - a mere 10% increase from normal. And this applies only on crits, which happen at most (if my calculations from memory are correct) 45% of the time at best, including Career abilities - so effective addition by Crit power, over time, is less than 5%. A few specific weapons have an intrinsic bonus to crit rate, on all attacks or some, and Shade and BH have ensured crits at times, so they can boost the effectiveness somewhat, but it will always be unreliable and in the long run, ineffective.


You can.

There is some additional bonus for veteran weapons?

Nope, they just always have the maximum rolls for Properties. So 20% is the best you can get from a single source. Veteran (red) items are also the ones used most for optimizing stuff, for exactly that reason. I guess I could’ve as well said “at best the bonus is 20%”, but oh well.

OK, that makes sense, for a sec I thought it has a bit better base crit bonus, but I misunderstood because, well, tired + late is not the best combo :slight_smile:

having higher damage will boost the crit damage overwall, but if weve higher crit multiplier if only then crit properties will find its own usage.

No, they won’t. Having guaranteed power VS to build towards breakpoints and 1 shot mobs will always be better than even 50% crit damage. As with power VS chaos/skaven etc doesn’t rely on RNG. I can see it being good for a few classes like BH and possibly shade due to her insane crit chance with dual weapons.

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Precisely. Crit power is something you MIGHT take if you can’t reasonably hit any more break points any other way and figure out that with more crit power, you could hit multiple break points on crits. Only thing that comes to mind is indeed BH with repeater, where it can make sense to boost your crits against everything else. With Shade, your guaranteed crits are overkilling most enemies, anyhow, it it would only make sense against bosses, and in that case, you might as well take monster damage (which isn’t available on weapon, so there you MIGHT have a small niche for it) if that tickles your fancy.
Then again, if you don’t know what else to do with your stat, you could always take attack speed.

Crit Power needs to do something else. What it might do, I don’t know.

Interesting. Care to elaborate (genuine question)?

Sure! Which part of it? :slight_smile:

I could see it work by just increasing the effect by 5%. 20 -> 25.
Alternatively, it could grant a general finesse bonus, maybe apply to headshots or even backstabs.
It doesn’t need a lot, because it also works universally against all enemies.

One solution would be very simple: Have it apply on the entire crit number instead of only a percentage on the difference between crit and base damage.

I still don’t see it being useful besides maybe on BH or Shade, possibly with huntsman ULT. But even then, the only things it would be useful on are bosses. But they have checks built into them, so you can’t do too much damage at once. And having a chance that your character will deal even 20x more damage with a crit doesn’t matter if you can already 1 shot it with power VS race.

You are literally trading your ability to one shot mobs with power VS race for a chance to maybe 1 shot a mob with RNG. It makes zero sense. Maybe I can word it in another way to make people understand…

It’s like buying a car which has everything you need and gets you from point A to point B whenever you want, it never breaks down. Would you trade that for a car that can go super fast, but it breaks down 55-85%(depending on the character) of the time you need it?

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Crit power is almost universally considered to be useless because normal crits with a +power bonus will get the job done 99% of the time. +power just deals more damage in general and in the few instances where that isn’t the case the extra damage doesn’t help you meet any breakpoints.

The thing is, they can’t just make crit power better because it would instantly become the new meta because it applies to everything.

This property is very niche and creates unnecessary balance issues on the Shade.
It’s only upside is on BH or so I belifed until I read here that the repeater pistol build works without it.
So I’m all for complete removal unless somebody here get’s a really good idea.

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You said (I think) that BH doesn’t necessarily need the Crit Bonus to reach the breakpoint (OS Chaos Warriors with the repeater pistol). I wondered if you could be more specific :slight_smile:

having vs skaven & chaos dealt stronger than crit power even for crit xbow shot.
but for chaos warrior however, it dealt less (like 2 or so). in general go for vs.

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