Crit Power is worthless compared to other properties

I was testing out the damage outputs of 20% Crit Power vs 10% Chaos Power on my charm and I found that even on critical hits, the Crit Power property was scoring nearly the same amount of damage against the infantry dummies. The damage bonus of critical hits with 20% crit power over 10% chaos was only a mere 0.9% to 1.4% increase. Note just how incredibly small that difference is. Some weapons barely did any more damage compared to using . It didn’t matter what melee weapon I used and my hits were against the torso.

Infantry dummies are supposed to be counted as Chaos armor, but you would think that 20% should be obviously better than 10%. Why should I use the Crit Power property that deals the same amount of damage and isn’t always active? Compared to a Power vs Race property that is always active on every single hit and hurts the same for both normal hits and critical ones? It doesn’t make sense to me.

If Crit Power is supposed to be an option, it should be much more competitive than it is now.

I actually value Crit Power a lot more right now since almost all Power Vs X properties are useless without reliable breakpoints.

It’s still mostly only for Bounty Hunter and Shade.

Breakpoints are still very achievable for ranged weapons. For melee weapons, crit power is more significant on finesse weapons (DD, spear, rapier, billhook, exe sword - did I miss any?)

Why rapier and billhook they dont have any crit boosting power

Rapier gets more chances because of its high attack speed

They do, most weapons have a 1.5x crit multiplier, these weapons have a 2.5x crit multiplier

I had to revise the original post a bit after testing weapons some more, apparently the first case I was testing was showing me 20% chaos power was a little better against training dummies than 10% chaos + 20% crit power on all critical hits. Still weird.

I tried out the rapier and billhook and they both have high crit multipliers. If I use 0% extra power vs 20% crit power. Those two weapons deal 11% extra damage on their crits.
But I found that they still did only 1.4% more damage on critical hits compared to using 10% chaos power alone.

Crit power also becomes really useless on weapons with low critical multipliers. Like the axe and shield only receives an extra 6% damage on crits with 20% crit power. That means it deals even less compared to a 10% race property (that actually does 10% more damage).
Why does damage have to be so inconsistent? All weapons should deal significantly higher damage on crits when specificially using a property that boosts it.

I say make critical power stronger. Change the max on the property to 15% extra power but actually make it deal 15% more raw damage on all crits. Rather than the weird spectrum it’s on now where the damage increase may be anywhere from 6% to 11% better depending on your weapon.

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It really only works “well” with high crit chance/high finesse builds.

The thing about crit power is it will apply it’s bonus damage to everything.
Power vs race and armor will apply the bonus for that particular race/armor type.

It has a very small niche for a few builds.

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Meaning Shade or Bounty Hunter with only one specific build, because of the idiotic multiplicative to additive damage stacking which screwed with all his breakpoints.

Crit power needs to be buffed, simple as that.

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