Question for Rapier Trait

So far the only problem i have with rapier is it takes forever to kill CW (and bosses but thats without saying).
I use the rapier on WHC*

my question is atm on my melee and range weapon i have both +crit% and +crit pwr. do you people think changing them to +crt% and +pwr vs chaos would be better? (for a total of 30% i think from melee, range and one of the trinkets, cant remember which).

thx :smiley:

edit: now that i think about it, is pwr vs chaos better or pwr vs armored?

no1 knows?

It depends on your build, but generally no.

I mean it might be wurf, but that would mean that your build is awful.

because on WHC, if you crit on head, it will kill everything other than bosses and CW. so does it really matter if you have more +crit pwr. seems like wasted overkill dmg. having to charge attack CW 20 times is tedious :c

Can you hit head 100% of the time? No
Can you have 100% crit? No
Do you need damage then? Yes

And +crit pawa gives you the most damage.

And even following you logic, crit pawa is still good. Let’s assume, that we can headshot anything and everything, we still need damage against bosses and chaos warriors. So you can get +x against one or the other, or git gud against both by +crit pawa. The choices are equal.

But if we get into real world - crit power is definitely better for WHC.

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Honestly, the +crit power bonus is negligible because of the formula it utilizes. It’s basically only worth it on ranged BH weapons and not much else, and only because you can reliably utilize multi-shot attacks with that bonus.

What you want on WHC is increasing your DPS. The best way to achieve that is by having +5% crit chance, +5% attack speed and Swift Slaying. All three synergise, with both attributes making the trait triggering more probable. With Deathknell, higher attack speed would mean ultimately having the ability to charge attacks quicker and unleashing heavy charged attacks in place of simple charged ones, therefore dealing with CWs better and quicker.

ya that was sort of my line of thoughts except i didnt think 5% attack speed was that useful since i crit maybe 40% of the time, during horde i can just keep swift slaying up forever so i didnt pick 5% attack speed. so far its just the CW thats a pain to deal with. so i thought maybe i if i do 30% more dmg to chaos (or armored) i can stab them 30% less lol.