Crit makes no difference?

I finally finished my crit build on kruber. After 650 hours it’s here but it seems to be… well… bad!

It takes 3 hits to kill a regular chaos infantry warrior, unless i headshot him.

When critting him on the other hand on lets say the first hit, it still takes 2 more hits to kill him.

Anyknow know how crits are calculated ?

I have +40% critt dmg

Kruber hunts I take it?
By 40% “crit damage” are you talking about the crit power property?
If so, its a pretty lackluster property. You would think 40% crit power would equate to 40% more damage when you land a crit but that is NOT the case.
Google/search how does crit power work in vermintide 2.
Best way to go for hunts in legend IMHO is crit chance, power vs Chaos, and power vs Monster.
Also the talent that increases crit chance by 25% after scoring a headshot.
With how I have hunts setup for legend x1 bodyshot marauders without crit, x1 body shot sv with crit, x2 bodyshot sv without crit, x2 bodyshot maulers without crit, kill most specials x1 bodyshot with crit, x1 crit headshot cw while using active.

Footknight though but i never cared to look up how the critt amplifier works as i assumed it was big enough difference. This not the case it seems.

I cant find the thread on reddit where a guy did a bunch of testing and a lot of math.
Either way, some weapons and classes will benefit a lot more from crit power builds than other classes.
I am not quite sure if crit power is fully working as intended, or it is just kind of weak.
In my experience a power vs. build is better for most classes and weapons.
I would personally say FK is probably not the best class for a crit power build.

Now that we have access to mods you can get the creature spawning mod, and the damage numbers mod to spawn mobs in the keep and test out builds!
May want to give it a try to optimize your FK build!

Firstly I’m pretty sure someone calculated the math somewhere and came to the conclusion that flat bonus power vs X type yields better dps than crit power. Second, generally speaking its not a good property to try to stack imo because crit chance in this game is fairly low (sub 50%-45% best case scenario) and the bonus damage just doesn’t make up for losing consistent damage. Besides all that the base damage of crits are already great and even fully stacked crit power will only add realistically a few thousand damage. Like a saltz single shot crossbow crit hitting for 13,000 will hit instead for 17,000 that kind of thing. Not worth it when you can be hitting for somewhere between there every shot.

The best use of crits is fuelling Resourceful Combatant imo. If the ult isn’t an essential component of one’s build, I think you’ll always be better off building towards consistent damage with +X dmg and +% attack speed.

With +40% Crit power there are some interesting breakpoints you can reach, but since you only reach them about 1/5 of your hits (and often not when you most need them), it’s a very risky way of building your character.

The idea was to introduce a big element of luck that could potentially save a otherwise futile situation with that big crit hitting. But there is no big party saving crit hit it seems, not on fk/halberd though. Ill be moving on and try another build

What weapon do you use exactly? For some weapons crits do a big difference, but I mostly look at crit chances. Having constant swift slaying buff is a huge deal while dealing with hordes, and making shure it reliably procs in first 2-3 seconds of horde fight is very important. And then scoundrel trait is huge for longbow/blunderbuss (probably you can add repeater). Also crits do stagger armoured opponents with bodyshots, big deal if you use executioner. And if you use 1h sword, maxing on crits would pay off significantly, you can just feel the difference. And, obviously, crits are huge on WHC, shade and pyromancer.

outdated but still gives insights

Or use this one, which is fully updated:

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