Idea for buffing Crit Power property on gear: make it also affect headshots

Currently, +20 Crit Power on gear means roughly +6% to +12% crit damage (different attacks scale differently), which is always less valuable than +10% damage vs. enemy type, except for Bounty Hunters in very few cases.

Now, if it gets changed to also affect headshot power, I expect that this property might be worth it for some builds/weapons because it will enable reaching certain headshot breakpoints. Yet I don’t think this stat might become the best option for all weapons because some weapons have low finesse scaling. Also, many builds go for bodyshot breakpoints.


It’s already the case.

Rapier crit headshot on Monster:

  • No crit power: 46.5
  • 20% Critpower: 53.25

I think you misunderstood. I’m suggesting to change Crit Power so that it also affects non-crit headshots.

Yes your OP makes a lot more snese this way.
Well I don’t think crit power is bad currently it’s just simply niche but strong there.
I would be up for a pure dmg bonus property for headshots any time.

All for it. On it’s own or in combination with crits.
While we’re at it, also a trait that grants a dmg boost on backstabs or flanking (maybe a 120° angle?).
Shade might like that well, stacking with her natural ability.

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