Ranged Weapon And Vet Feedback/Suggestions

Weapon Stats

Perks and blessings need a look at. Some of these are terrible being both weak and situational if not useless. games like destiny did them better with things like Zen Moment, Cascade, or Box Breathing. Just compare Speedload with Outlaw, its night and day.

If possible, weapon blessings and perks should go even further, encouraging different builds and modifying your gameplay to maximize their effects. Currently the weapon system feels very basic and shallow. Design new ones so that the loot game can be as deep and interesting as diablo.


Some tweaks to make it more skill based and rewarding with a focus on headshots.

Scavenger aura should instead grant you even more ammo on elite/monstrous crit kills.

Make Every Shot Count should be a stacking buff that grants crit damage on crit kills, rewarding you for cycling between mobs and focusing down elites.

First row of feats are great. Could use a buff but they are designed well.

Sniper should only buff crit damage, but at a greater amount.

Tactical reload should have additional reload speed and a crit buff if done right after a critical kill.

Rather than gain grenades over time for Demolition Stockpile, gain grenade charges for crit kills, increased with the value of the target. At 100 charge gain a grenade.

Duck and Dive should grant additional stamina and a small amount of ranged resistance. Camo should have an obvious visual indicator when active. The row is good otherwise.

Frag Storm should also suppress.

Deadshot should lose the per shot stamina reduction.

One After Another should grant even more reload speed. If killed with a crit grants additional bonus damage and refunds a portion of the magazine.

All Volley Fire feats should reload your weapon. Sustained Fire should instead return a round to your magazine after rapidly landing 2/3 crits.


they shouldn’t have any recoil and be fully stable. Shouldn’t have any force and push enemies back as well. it breaks immersion when they kick like an autogun and have impacts of bullets.

they should hum when braced near your head, with the intensity of the hum increasing closer to full charge. you should feel the potential in the battery pack in the gun.

lower sound effect volume but add a lingering lightning/plasma trail after-shot effect. Just blam blam is too basic.

ammo counter should show number of shots. the current ammo count is confusing with the hidden charges consumed per shot. Smaller and lighter body should have better handling and faster reloads.

lower ammo but higher damage with stronger crits to further differentiate from autoguns. maybe shoot slightly slower to balance. these instant projectile weapons should be a marksman’s dream.

Charged shots need to pierce and deal more damage in exchange for more ammo consumed. Needs better charging sound as well.


bigger magazines and ammo reserves for that hail of bullets Dakka Dakka effect. Smaller crit ratio, higher base damage, and faster rate of fire adjustments to cement identity. feel great but magazine size lets them down. Small mag size makes you sad. Animations could be sped up as well.

Plasma Guns

Remove ammo and double down on charge mechanic. Infinite piercing on small bodies, a blast/explosion on larger ones. increased weakspot damage.


Should be highest single target dps at very close range but with bigger damage falloff. Best in class mobility and handling. Draw and aim times should be near instant, let us role play as a 40k gunslinger if we choose. Increase reload speed, ammo reserves and crit ratio. Revolver should let us fan fire.


Remove the aggravating readying animation and speed up other animations so they feel good to use. Nerf ammo reserves, accuracy or crit ratio if any nerf is needed, but those animations ruin an otherwise good time and stop you from having fun with the thing.


performance is off. the kick is lacking, needs more recoil to feel badass. Fire rate should be increased for desperate spray and pray moments. reload 2 shells at a time too with faster animation, way too slow now for how close you are to the action. Switching and ads should be greatly sped up as well.

Give them greatly expanded ammo capacity, this isn’t 2022. 12-24 rounds to fully commit to the personal space high risk/reward playstyle. rate of fire increase for desperate spray and pray moments.

Spread and pellet count needs to be higher. if I’m hip firing a 40k shotgun the collateral damage should be devastating. at very close-range pellets should pierce by default. ads spread is fine.

special bullet should be an accurate piercing slug with powerful crit.

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there shouldn’t be a perk/blessing rating if there is no way to improve them. have them maxed out by default or give us an easy way to do so.

currently sharpshooter doesn’t feel like it rewards good gameplay as much as it should, there isnt enough to differentiate by skill. more of the class feats should trigger off of good gameplay such as triggering headshots.

Bio Optic Targeting should grant an additional crit damage buff vs targeted enemies.

Demolition Team should only grant grenades on crit kills but at a higher chance.

Covering Fire should also only grant toughness on crit kills at a higher amount.

changes like this would punish sloppy and lazy gameplay while making great plays standout. effort to improve, hard work, and success should be rewarded.

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