Guns tweak

Lo boys,

Just here to ask for some adjustment based on my game experience, and, logic.
I maybe have 150 or more hours on sharp shooter, plaing max difficulty blablabla.
So i’m in the optic to optimiz my gameplay in fonction of the team blablabla.
Checked and tested many guns for that.
And ther s many good guns (rifles for sharp).

Specialy :

-Laz recon accatran mk VIIa
-Inf autogun agrippina mkI and VIII
-Of course, bolter !
-Some other !
They all do the job at high lvl

But ,specialy 2 rifles require our attention.

Head hunter vraks MKVII : It is supposed to be the sniper autogun in semi auto, it s not soooo bad BUT, you v got, same stats than on full auto sighted agrippina, with less ammo, and nerf in semi auto, isnt it supposed to be more powerfull ?
I mean, very low fire rate, low ammo in magazin, and do same damages than full auto rifle of the same class ?
Could you tweak that ?

Second rifle is, laz kantrel mgIV : Compared to the mgXII, ok, you shoot faster, ok, BUT a 80% firepower rated mgIV hit at 123 damages (firerate 5sec (you kill your finger for poor results as semi auto agrippina) … and 76% firepower mgXII hit at 285 (firerate 2.50sec here you have arguments !)
In my opinion, you should adjust damages of the mgIV, sriously it is a useless gun too in high lvl, OR pass it in slow full auto gun, like a lmg.

At last, wanna speak about the plasma gun, supposed to be a 40k classic but totally useless compared to a bolter. Over heat tooooo fast, slow firerate, poor crowd control.
Ho yeah you can load a strike to deal monster damages to armored, but psyker do the job on em, zealot, and any bolter with good perks do it so fare better than plasmagun.
Please tweak this gun that should be usefull in 40k universe, would like to play it but dont wanna blast my team performances.

All above is about MY hardtryer experience ingame. :kissing_heart:


I’v better tested the plasma rifle, and, been LUCKY able to craft a good 1, my conclusion is it’s really really powerfull but dont expect to have a versatil gameplay VS hords AND elits.


You are the support elite exterminator and it does a BIIIIG difference in t4/5 games.

But you also need a good team and power sword to control hords :wink:

Maybe, they could tweak the overheat but the rest is OK.

Yeah I agree some of the semi-autos need to have the oomph increased to make them more viable.

Hellebore lasgun feels great to use but doesn’t feel powerful enough per-shot to be worth the reflex scope and higher fire rate /lower recoil of the kantrael Lasgun. Also the iron sights on it are almost unusable, especially at the range the gun feels built for.

Not sure what crafting will allow when it arrives - I’m not sure if things can be kept balanced if you can smack a reflex scope on everything - though maybe some of the semi-automatics would benefit from zoomed scopes to really fit the role they seem to be included for.

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