Perks for Critical and Weakspot damage need doubling

Perks for Extra Crit and Weakspot damage need doubling so as to not be useless.

AFAIK it’s still only the “extra” part of the damage, the leftover bit after removing the base damage that gets the bonus, so it would have made sense to double them ages ago.

Many tree talents were recently doubled, maybe to account for this.

Honestly it would have been simpler if the base formula was changed rather than boosting the extra bit.


Agreed, maybe even tripling.

The 5% crit chance perk should definitely be 10% as well. 15% might be too strong on that one.

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Crit chance is already desirable on a good number of weapons on a good number of builds. I think it’s fine but but definitely wouldn’t buff it more than up to 7.5%

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I’d prefer if they changed the crit calculations to apply the added damage to the total damage, because the current method seems counter intuitive and balancing for a weird design choice is probably going to result in more pain down the line than changing the underlying calculation.


i think it should be a value changed on a weapon per weapon basis

makes little sense that it’s always 5%, on fast weapons and slow weapons

slow weapons should realistically have a higher value to compensate for slower attack/fire rate which already translates into a reduced CPS(crit per secound) rate

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