Kruber tank buff plz

kruber i find to be the worst tank when fighting hordes and bosses, he dies way to fast compared to other heroes, i find the dwarf,wizard and handmaiden way better.

krubers only good if you can find the purple potion.

handmainden- can avoid damage completely with dodging and melee spear, and gets krubers ult for situation purposes.

-dwarf gets one free full absorption attack with and can tank boss like no other while also taunting the boss so your damage can easily deal with him in 10secs, which kruber gets 1 charge vs the boss? before it turns into a mess.

-melee wizard is just ridiculous at taking damage.

passivly give kruber 5% or 10% damage reduction for 5secs when he uses his charge.

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Handmaiden doesnt actually stun with her charge.
Oh and if my info is correct you are asking for a bug fix since right now his damage reduction aura doesnt seem to work 90% of the time/100% of the time with talent that improves it according to pals.

What he needs is bug fixes. Overall his kits is probably one of the better balanced ones out of any character (when they don’t bug out)

I completely disagree. I play a lot of foot knight and I’ve found him to be pretty sturdy and has the most reliable stun in the game, making the spawn significantly more manageable. On top of that he can do more damage than all the other tanks with gloryhound and executioner’s sword which absolutely chunks bosses. It feels pretty balanced to me.

Did you skill the talent blocks cost no stamina after ulting? (you can use aaall the stamina you have for pushing, dishing out some swings, stand still and look around…)
Try cancelling (rightclick) your own ult when you reach the first enemies of the wave instead of running into them. Kruber has in my opinion one of the strongest frontline cc, while wizard is perhaps more “tanky” but also way more passive.
Krubers ult cd is extremely low for its power, thats where he shines, use that to your advantage and play him as an offensive tank, not purely defensive hp beast.
Comparing krubers ult ot handmaiden ones, even comparing the 2 in their role as tank make me wonder if you played kruber correctly.
His aura bugs if you use the talent to improve it, chose aura grants one stamina to all instead and it works.

Isn’t the exe sword bugged right now or did they fix it?

Still bugged (attackspeed loss wasnt/isnt the issue with exec sword, terrible hit check on 2nd and 3rd normal and both charge attacks along with terrible animation choice for 3rd and charge attacks are).

this thread: “i am bad at playing kruber so pls buff him”

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