some bugs, feedback/request(several topics)

    -Still not working properly…
    —With Handmaiden, first, you can get hit during dash, if you are not blocking, even if you initiate it out of meele range, and also mobs hit you immediately after your dash, during the 3 second invisibility window (FOR EXAMPLE: you dash into an arriving lined up fanatic horde, and continue to run after your dash ends-> almost garanteed hit, despite your starting distance and immediate stealth right after.)
    I guess the problem is still with the queued up AI attacks, which they commit even if they shouldnt.
    —With Shade: Simply every started attack sequence/chain will still be targeted at you, and executed, AND you cant even reposition(when surrounded by a horde) while these attacks are coming in, since the unitcollision still works at the enemies that are targeting you. Also gasrat dropping, suicidebombing you in stealth, the gunner wont change target, and if you get downed with your ult active(again surrounded, and hyperdensity kicks in on you) the mobs will kill you with your ability active.

    —The slot system is still bugged, most noticable at chaos hordes, which 80% of the time totally ignore it, especially with their running attacks. End result: 25+fanatic gangb.ng in less than a second.

    —Fanatics with kitchen knives outranging a spear/halberd/(insert literally /any weapon/anything thats longer than 20cm), Chaos warriors sliding meters after you, while swinging an axe/ outrunning you while you run away with speedpotion WHILE swinging an axe(both attacks overhead ofc). Also the situation, when you run out of a hits range, you see it miss, and you get hit, but if you dodge to that exact same distance, with exact same speed, you arent… PLS have a look at these.

    —2 days and I will have more reds than green dust. What an endgame…

    —As of it seems bugged as a client. At 4-5 charge, a clanrat (15hp on legend, you hit the dummy for 16 with 4 stack) was onehittable with flaming sword, now i couldnt do the same… Also experienced less stagger and damage on marauders(the base non fanatic chaos).

    —This issue is getting more and more common, especially when you try to step into the bridge of shadows with full books on legend… Perfect timing as always. Can you get rid of the steam servers FS? (and no, not local problem, literally everything else works, but the steam, and it drops everyone on the friendlist)

    —Host migration/host disconnect etc… PLEASE


    —FOR THE LOVE OF SIGMAR. Im waiting for you FS to fix the bloody block cancel/block push SINCE MARCH, the original “beta” (ESP now that i got my first red weapon, A 2H ELVEN SWORD, YEAAAH…).

    Also please add some decent ARP damage on that charged stab attack, and also rework the other carriers 2hsword movesets to grant some viability to the 2h swords, to be a possible pick anywhere thats up from veterun…

    —Ghost hits- even in on pushstabs
    —I was killed while ONLY holding block, and having several stamina shields (no push/stab or anything), now two times by a single stormvermin(1, with like 3 clanrats, only SV hit me)

    —Sometimes the AI director simply goes nuts. At one run on Athel Yenlui we almost reached 300 elite kills on the team. Also doublespawns are getting out of hand, mostly on packmasters and assassins. Since 1.0.8 there were barely any occasion where only a single one spawned for me.
    —Also Can we see the blightstormers and gasrats actually entering the map sometimes? Just for the nostalgy, where you didnt need to pray for an autotarget spell to kill them behind the Himalayas and the Rocky Mountains and 698723878 skavenslaves…

    —JUST PLEASE NO, it hurts my mouse

    —At least during their attacks. Im getting really tired when i get downed by a spawn/ogre when they do the 180 turns INSTANTLY at the peak of their unblockable slams… Since theres no actually noticable aggro shift sound this gets on my nerves every time.

    —Two kinds, 1, ingame, to see which lumberfoot is screaming for help at any given moment on voicechat
    —FROM FATSHARK, about releases(MODS, COSMETICS, PLEASE release the mods with the whitelisted ones at the start if you do), reasoning behind tweaks patchnotes, roadmap, etc.

ALSO big thanks to the guy, who pulled the logs out of the house at Emp at flames 2nd grim(can we get something similar at festering2nd grim too? :slight_smile: ) and for the rock at the ogre boxes at Into the nest


All of these things have been reported multiple times already. And this is what FS say.

So no fixes, other than bug fixes. Sorry.

Yes, im aware of these reports, just wanted to apply a bit more pressure on the guys :smiley:
Also i got triggered by todays steam DC… I was standing in the bridge, and Kruber(bless his soul) decided to go back for Siena, the steam DCd as they came back…-.- SO it was time for a post…

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