the hit box, buff that sometimes does not work, the not being able to mark enemies or objects and the constant spam of elite and special enemies with bardin…

the problem with the hitbox is that the game marks as if the enemy has hit you. Let me explain, there are times when in the middle of a horde you notice that an enemy comes with a charged attack, you dodge to the side or back you always end up receiving damage, even if the attack has passed by and it shows that if you dodged the attack Anyway you take damage, just like for allies, they do a dodge in time and at the end they take the damage or there is a gap between you and the enemy and the enemy hits the air but at the end you take damage when it shows that there is almost 1 meter of distance between you and the enemy and you even put the defense on time and the defense icons are noticeable before the blow and in the end you end up receiving damage

I do not know if it happened to someone else but it no longer allows me to mark special or elite enemies or objects, I already uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and nothing, it only allows me to mark objects when I give instructions or a signal where the object is. and there are times that some buff have no effect, like the attack speed buff that there are times that stackable ones say one thing but the effect feels like it has less stackable

and the last problem is with bardin, I am not saying that the engineer is not a shooting machine but the abuse of horde spam is half exaggerated, and more when in the middle of the horde appears or patrols, or almost up to 3 to 5 special enemies , but the monks or berserkers, that they resist more than the same enemies with armor that are killed with an arquebus shot, and these appear suddenly without warning, there are times that they appear in front of you when there is nothing. But as soon as we kill one there comes another batch of specials and elites and the patrols you don’t realize because they seem almost 1 meter away while you’re busy with the hordes. But no matter if you bring the engineer in the group, with any kind of bardin they still appear as if you had the engineer, the same happened with markus and then the spam of enemies appeared only with the knight grail.

at minute 8:51 I’m trying to mark the enemy but nothing happens.

At minute 13:38 you notice a charged attack that is not in the area and the other enemies are not attacking it, and it is seen that it is not hitting me but when it hits the side of it and not in front and even so take damage.

At minute 16:04 I give a charged area attack that is supposed to stun those I sniff but there you can see that the rat in front of me still continues with its attack and I hit it with an area attack in front of me

At minute 19:46 there you can see that I shot the machine gunner but the bullet does not pass a mega hole that is there, but the one of the machine gunner can make his bullets pass even in smaller holes.

At minute 20:39 I am already charging against enemies but I received damage and it takes a long time to hit or advance that charge

At minute 20:40 it is noticeable that the enemy gives a light blow and there is a considerable space I see what size is the enemy’s weapon but still he received damage

it’s extremely difficult to understand what you’re getting at in a lot of this post

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At 8:51 you pressed T for too long, maybe try to use seperate keys to avoid the Social Wheel at all when trying to tag enemies.

13:38 is maybe because of ping (since you are client and not host) or strange hitboxes, i dunno, can’t really tell.

At 16:04 the rat that hit you was too close, you didn’t even hit it.

19:46 is really frustrating, it happened too me before aswell, there are even small bushes/trees in other locations where you can’t shoot trough…

20:39 you got hit by the monk sweep just a blink of an eye before your ultimate ability staggered him.

Last, I guess you’re talking about 20:48, you simply got hit by a slave rat charge attack, I guess you use a bigger FoV, so attacks look like they merely miss you, but they don’t because of that “Fish-Eye-Effect” (that’s probably also the case with the CW at 13:38, but it’s not that obvious to say without a doubt)

This looks like desync since you dodged through it, so you were in that hitbox at some point. What was your ping ?

The rat had just finished from dropping from the ledge. I agree that this is one annoying mechanic, but enemies are considered at level 2 stagger when they are in climbing animation in regards to damage they take, but all counts of stagger are cleared as soon as this animation ends regardless of whether you’ve hit them with a staggering attack or not. You hit this rat at the end of his climibing animation, so his stagger got cleared, and he started an attack that hit you before you could actually stagger him again.

I’ve seen this problem elsewhere but not there. Might be worth investigating, you should’ve hit him twice there. Enemies have a tendency of firing through walls lately though.

Actually this answers one of my previous questions. Check the delay between the bomb explosion and the actual effects of it at 20:35. You’re playing on ~300ms ping I’d say, hence all the desyncs you’re experiencing regarding CW overhead at 13:38 or your ability hitting after the monk at 20:39.

OP’s game is in Spanish.

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