The hitbox of enemy attacks and of the same enemies

I’m sick of the game’s damn hitbox and that enemies with charged attacks move faster and cover more distance in a short time. Several times I dodge and the enemy’s weapon reaches me when on the screen you can see that I hit the air or do not hit the character, I dodge from one side the blow fails but the game marks it as if it had hit me and they go several times I know that the enemy that attacks the character is further away and even so the game marks it as a successful hit. The same with the packmaster, the grab fails but and the game counts it as if he had grabbed you and also with the corpse of this unfortunate enemy, even when he is dead if you hit where he is it counts as if he were alive or you had hit an enemy heavy and that’s why it still ends up killing you in this damn game of crap

i suggest you play in your timezones then :upside_down_face:

It would be more helpful if you can provide a video of exact attack moves you are referring to. Most of the enemies have lunge attacks that track players better than other attacks so if you are failing to dodge them it’s quite natural. Block lunge attacks if you spot them.

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