Game problems

been able to check the hit box for some enemy attacks. Because they go several times that I dodge a lunge to one side worse the game marks it as if it hit me or there are several times that the enemy is at a higher or lower level than his attack and ends up hitting the same the enemy launches an attack but I I move away from him and it shows that he failed his attack (because although they are uneven) worse the game marks it as if he managed to hit.
And please check the problem with the specials because they already go several times that with the most recent update that makes it appears up to 4 of the same or gas rats and in the middle of the gas a packmaster appears without even a dialogue or any sound that appears. Identify, they appear in the middle of nowhere again.
The machine gun attacks again go through walls or walls that only have a single hole or the hole is small that can go through some ammunition, but they end up going through all the ammunition, even the gas ones being a ceiling or a wall in the middle their spheres end the same traversing.
And the gas rats launch almost more than 4 kilometers or they are pointing the other way and the launch is noticeable that it throws it from the side and the sphere seems to chase the players almost almost giving them where they are going to be even when they already know what their goal is. trajectory of fall, ends up giving where they move in the future.
The artificial intelligence of the boots is even worse, victor as a mercenary remains pointing his weapon and does not execute it and more when there is a horde in the middle or they are dumbfounded to see if they attack or revive the player

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