List of bugs encountered thus far

So the list of bugs encountered:

  1. enemies attack through being hit: doesn’t matter how hard you hit them, they will finish their attack animation and hit you back unless they are flat out killed in the attack.
  2. enemies attacking through push and skill push: as WHC using F skill, hordes hit through the stagger as if it never happened. Enemies are able to attack even though they were just pushed and staggered. Even more ridiculous is that enemies knocked flat on the ground still attack if they had been attacking before they were knocked down.
  3. instant specials/number: every special has almost no delay for using their skills, they appear, and start casting/shooting instantly without wind up time. I’m pretty sure it’s not intended that specials be spawned every 30 seconds in waves of 6+.
  4. target tracking through sideways dodge: this has been a long time bug with skating mobs that track you from 20m+ away once their animation starts. Now, they track you even through side ways dodges
  5. enemies attacking through stealth: using stealth on shade does not immediately stop enemies who have already started attack animation - once they start, they will finish and hit even if you vanish from sight. Did not used to be like this.
  6. Pretty sure FK’s 3 second invulnerability after a charge does not work.
  7. Kerrilian’s ricochet F skill doesn’t work. Arrows do not bounce off anything.
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