Here we go again - targeting and clipping

Even though this was reported in the beta and a look at it was promised, the enemy targeting is still wrong.

Enemies keep changing targets without any real cause.
It’s even more prominent when someone ults.
I had a friend charge with FK and as soon as the sound effect could be heard, all enemies I was fighting turned their backs on me and started going for him.
The same goes when I have foes incoming and if I’m shooting and putting distance between them and myself, they just give up the chase and go for another player even if they are far away.
This is bad on the other end too, when someone is fighting enemies and they just have a tick and switch to me even if they are being hit be the other player.
Boss aggro cannot be held reliably, because they also keep changing target randomly.
I have no idea why this had to be changed to the current state, but this problem was already present in live in 1.6.

Clipping favoring the enemy is also quite bad, you have an enemy standing before you, he moves through you and then immediately body blocks once he’s behind you.
The same goes with staggered enemies falling through someone and immediately body blocking once they recover.
There is no argument that can justify enemies falling/going through a player. If they are a solid object for me, then I should be one for them.

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I had similar issues as well, though the one that annoyed me the most was a packrat that caught me through a wall next to a door (screaming bell, house with the first tome). while we were fighting the horde I got grabbed through a wall, which led to me noclipping through it. Also the Bestigors are still sometimes quite skating around in charges, saw some of them doing nearly 90° turns to charge a player around a stone.
With those noclipping/enemy in player/no sound cue issues resolved, it would be a lot better to play

Enemies moving through my and body blocking from rear is something I now just realised is happening a lot. Thanks for clarifying what was confusing the hell out of me.

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