Enemy No clipping issue

Not sure if this belongs here. . . I have been infuriated with being hit by enemies that I can not see. I think I have found the problem.

I find that in all WoM patches so far, enemies are routinely INSIDE ME. I think enemy running attacks are very bugged right now. In some cases, the attacks hit from very far. In other cases the enemy can no clip into you.

They will then proceed to hit you and you can not see them at all. You look around as see nothing. You can move and then you will see them if you look around.

Enemies should not swing at you if they arent in a slot. Its totally unfair.


Noticed also enemies kinda often “are almost inside you” and you loose direction of where your being hit from quite alot sometimes. Cant seem to remeber this happend alot before.


I notice often getting hit by running attacks as i dodge back and pushing that enemy as he stops at some point to unleash attack. I cant reach with push, but enemy can reach with attack

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Yes, the running attacks hit when they are no where near you at all.

Kind of infuriating.


Running attacks are also sometimes start too close-up to you, not only from some meaningful distance, far as I observed. That was also the case before 2.0, like 1.6 and earlier, but now seems to be more pronounced. Was spared (or not noticed) clipping issue, thankfully.

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