Enemies clipping inside players

This stuff happens to me all the time lately, an enemy will clip inside my hitbox so I can’t see them and they hit me. I was pretty sure I read this issue as being fixed or at least reduced in frequency in a recent patch, but I could be wrong.

Yes this happens all the time lately (BBB at least), plus a lot of other weird slot system movement (enemies sliding around to attack you from behind even though nothing else is attacking you)

I agree with both post. More silent backstabs and sliding attacks again. Both as host and client.

@spatnack Are you playing live or BBB?

This was from live, but I was noticing it on BBB too, I just haven’t streamed the beta so don’t have any clips (yet)

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Clipping always favors enemies. It has always been this way. What changed with WoM, that their targeting is messed up, so they actively go through you to reach the target and if for some reason you get targeted by a clipping enemy, you’ll get hit.

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