Monster hitbox bug?


So a thing i noticed when i played a few games of Dual daggers shade earlier was that for some reason a number of my attacks from behind the boss would seemingly randomly miss. I decided to check this one out and here is what i found :

No wonder i struggled to hit the troll! The distance you see between me and it is actually the closest i could walk up to it, any closer and there was an invisible wall blocking my passage. And my daggers could not reach him from there.

For context of this image i was testing in the modded realm with the mod for damage numbers and as you can see here, i am at the end of a heavy attack behind the troll ( as close as i could get) and yet there were no numbers, the attack had missed.

So the bug here seems to be a case of the hitboxes being ridiculously fat!

But that said it was very inconsistent and sometimes i could walk a little closer and other times the attacks would hit from that distance. I have no idea what the heck was going on for certain. But i am sure it was taking effect in game too and not just in the keep.

Troll and spawn both have this going but the stormfiend doesnt seem much affected as i could approach without issue.


If you haven’t, I suggest doing the same tests in a mission with enemy AI turned off. Weapon reach, hitboxes or collision are iffy in the keep. I don’t know the exact details but it’s more difficult to hit enemies with a lot of weapons, more so than it is in missions.

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I noticed the problem during normal play as i wrote x)

It´s not just in the keep…and even if the problem isnt as big during a run it´s definitely there still and its really not fun to miss half your ability damage (painbuild) because hitboxes were wonky. I´d venture as far as stating that shade´s boss killing is already among if not the the weakest of the existing specialists&builds aimed at that.

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