War Camp - Ribspreader collision box issues

When he moves following another player there seems to be a 10-foot invisible wall attached to his butt. As a shade with dual daggers I couldn’t get close enough to power attack him while he was moving, I just constantly bumped into an invisible wall until he stopped moving.

Also, his forward slam power attack seems to damage players that are behind him.

Similarly, executioner overhead slam seems to hit at least 180 degrees around them and has no relation to where the axe actually slams into the ground.

I know there is a lot of noise about weapon nerfs but honestly, it’s this sort of inconsistency and unexpected behaviour (like hyperdensity that still seems to happen, or slave rats having 10 foot long daggers, phantom swings etc.), that are honestly making the game hard to enjoy sometimes. I’d love to see weapon balance sorted, but for now, I’m fine with limited choice in legendary if it means the developers focus on making the game behave as expected and consistently.

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yes, this is a big reason why i can’t use dual daggers effectively. it’s not only on this boss, it’s many other bosses that have a hitbox area issue too, along with enemies climbing up on ledges as well, sometimes you want to go smack their heads up but can’t even reach them because they have already occupied an invisible box area that’s preventing you from swinging at them, and you gotta wait for them to finish climbing up. it’s extra hard for bosses because you miss the window for attacking due to invisible hitbox preventing you from reaching them.

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I’m not sure I noticed the ledge issue due to always being near allies that could hit, so I was probably hitting dead boddies and thinking I was helping…

It’s a real shame, as I find the dual dagger really fun in some situations, the attack speed is so quick you feel like a lawnmower pushing through a horde and just killing everything in your path… then suddenly hyperdensity and you get attack by several things out of the 20 stood in a 1m cube and lose most of your health.

It’s also painfully obvious that a slave rat dagger has at least 5 times more reach than elf dagger does.

So this has been an issue since launch? As I got the game about a month late and didn’t really try daggers much until the past few weeks after I got red daggers (no other reds, just 2 sets of red dual daggers)

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