Keri' dual daggers

I think, it’s would be awesome, if a closest to crosshair enemy choses as target. Daggers are good right now, but it could be a problem even if 3 enemys are staying close to each other, because you barely can control 'em. And yes, I know that it isn’t a big problem but still. Such targeting can help to control small numbers of enemys, aswell as targeted swings in the middle of horde. I’m sure it won’t happen, but I’d really like to. :frowning:

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Hey, you just identified one of the main problems of the current melee combat system. And I was wondering why is Kerillian 2h sword so good - that’s cause I hit enemies with its tip, thus not wasting any power on enemies inside the mob.

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Started to think about it after 2h sword, yup.

Doesn’t a charged attack give you the accuracy you’re after with the daggers?

Not always, the daggers still follow the travel path of the swing, if they hit something on the way, that’s what gets hit.

e.g. You infiltrate into a horde as you hear a packmaster coming around a corner, you line up your charge attack and ensure packmaster’s head takes up 50% of your screen. it doesn’t die, but two slave rats you can barely see just exploded taking 30x their max health.

It doesn’t always happen, but collision and hit detection seem REALLY screwy recently. I’m not sure if it’s just because I’ve been practising with daggers this past week or two and it just makes it more noticeable, but I also had loads of phantom swings with spear before that, where it just literally swings through a slave rats head, no other targets around, and nothing happens…

Mostly slave rats that i see these issues with, their collision box doesn’t always seem to align with where they are, and especially with the reach on daggers, this can mean you can’t physically get close enough to attack them, yet they can hit you.

Conversely, chaos enemies seem to still have hyperdensity issues. While rats do pack uptight, they rarely seem to end up inside each other attacking as some 10 armed monstrosities.

Is it possible to change the way dual daggers are wield when pressing X? The stance looks more like Sword and Dagger now but on the first person view, Keri wields both daggers downward. Just a little change that would make DD more unique and pleasing on the eyes

Yea, thats the problem too, but mainly, I want this feature because daggers are more tactical weapon than swing-cleave and their slashing moveset doesn’t fit its role I think.

You can use push-stab from infiltrate to kill any special/elite if you have problems with heavy attack.

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