Dual daggers could use some tweaks

Probably my favourite elf weapon in v1 ( at least after buffs ) so i gave them a go in here and they are still fun but some things bother me about them.
They poison but only on normal hits and they need to damage to apply poison so aganist armour you need to hit the head and charged hits don’t poison.
Poison does not stack which makes the damage not very noticable.
They have no effective block/push angle. 0 which would be fine i guess because daggers could be more dodge oriented but they also have only 2 stamina so 2 hits by even slave rat from front break your block.
If the absolutely garbage blocking is intended and you are supposed to mostly only dodge with them, they are missing the infinite dodges that they had in v1.
Damage versus armour is barely ok but not very good considering this is supposed to be THE dps melee weapon for elf. Charged headshots are barely servicable.
I’d like to think that shade makes this weapon great with it’s high critchance and all those backstab/crit benefits but you rarely get to stab anything in the back other than a boss thats focusing somebody else ( Shade has her own problems and i’d like this weapon to be a good pick on other careers too )

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Dual weapons in general need buffs. Hardly any melee weapons stand up to glaives. Personally I’d really love to see daggers buffed also. Flavor wise it doesn’t make sense they wouldn’t be good at taking out armored single targets.

Agreed. =)

Dual weapons in general are too weak even at max hero power. Dual Daggers viability on Legend is worse because you can’t kill multiple slave rats in 1 swing.

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Bad cleave, poor range, and can’t take out armored units. They are only decent for taking out the occasional unarmoured boss but still their dps doesn’t really make up for where they lack.