A lot of weapons have nonsense design choices

Be it on Kerillian where dual daggers are the best dual weapon (since they hit faster, get more headshot damage, their charge attacks deal full damage on both versions instead of only on followup charge attack all while having just a third of a training dummy leg less reach/functionally same reach; they also seem to crit a lot more, but variance/rng so i dont count that) or her Two-Handed Sword which has
Versatile yet has no normal/non charge thrust which would be armor piercing making her normal sword which over 2 rotations has the same dps while having 1 more base stamina AND a reliable way to headshot with charge attack? Or on topic with headshot charge attacks, why is it that with Markus, the Executioner Sword not only doesnt have the direct vertical slice, but slightly angled ones making its “main”/non cleave usage a lot less reliable and despite its raw bulk doesnt have it the armor pierce/shieldbreaker effect on normal swings, but it has the “high damage” tag while dealing less damage than not only the normal two hander, but also HAMMERS (in terms of both higher raw on hit and have higher dps) WHICH DO NOT HAVE THE TAG?

Pure bloody nonsense.


I would say more is attack speed is king because of the interrupt potential and block time.
It depends on your play style, people use spears for the range. A single-handed axe doesn’t lose damage for each extra target it hits. Most swords have naturally wider attacks so you can fight a horde very close and not get hit while fast weapons like dagger have to aim more and you have constantly dash back or block.

Dual daggers cleave less than dual swords though, you wont be doing any crowd control with them.

But tbh i wonder is even the point of single sword and sword and dagger. You get neither atk speed nor cleave.

“Dual daggers cleave less than dual swords though, you wont be doing any crowd control with them.”

Here is the thing, they dont in 90% of cases (as in every except norska helmet+pole weapon warriors), due to attack speed difference and dual swords having same hit angle as daggers have on their first 3 hits but extend it over the center point AND the 2 up swings on dual swords have a shorter cleave range than the down cleave hits, so functionally even with block cancel, you cleave the same enemies when it comes to stuff in front of you as you would with dagger spam. In fact the Dagger+Sword is more useful despite lower damage on hit and about the same attack speed as dual swords in a non-mass crit team since the final attack is a armor piercing stab and the 2nd charge being the headshot impale (tho it being the 2nd charge still means time wasted

Dual daggers can hit 3 targets at once, as much as spear, dual swords can hit 5 if you pack them tightly enough, same as 2h sword despite much wider swings.

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