Kerillians 1h Sword feels super underwhelming without anything going for it

After dropping the 5HP 1h sword fatshark gives the elf right of the bat I never touched the weapon again.

Now 132 Hours in with 600HP I got a red one and decided to give it go. Nope still feels underwhelming as it has nothing special going for it. The attack chain is super awkward, 2 slashes followed by a stab and the heavy attack sometimes comes from off center so not even that great for splitting stormvermin skulls and the attack speed is lower than the spears, while it deals less damage…

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Agreed on attack speed (i do believe it has better dodge than spear and its dagger as offhand version), but its base attack chain and the first charge (which is very close/almost perfect vertical stike) are good, its just the followup charge attacks that are crappy. Sword and Dagger mostly makes it obsolete (better attack speed, 2 times x cleave followed by stab instead of x-stab chain and despite worse first chage attack, second is a double headshot impale which is as good as doing the normal swords overhead-block cancel.

Lots of weapons have wrong tags and lack a niche sadly (and some with a niche are buggy or have bad hit detection).

the main problem i have with the 1h sword is the the attacks slow you down. ideally, with a 1 handed weapon, you would think that your character would be more mobile, but this isn’t the case.

it seems that most 2handed weapons can lunge forward because of their reach, but right now the 1h sword don’t hit hard, has a small weapon arc sweep, and makes you very slow too - making it the worst weapon in her arsenal imo.

i really tried to learn how to use the weapon well, maybe a sort of heavy strike build, but that didn’t work out as well, her other weapons can do so much better at everything.

The 1h sword is, imo, the second best weapon after glaive for legend on waystalker because with 10% skaven or armor dmg and waystalker headshot dmg talent, you can one shot stormvermin with charged attack. It has good dodge, decent light attacks for hordes and high dmg charged for armored. I do think that it needs to get a slight attack speed buff to charged attack, so it could compete with glaive (make it close to 1h mace charged attack speed maybe).

I think a soft cc or alternative damage would be perfect combo for 1 handers.

Kruber: 1h sword/ Caltrops to aoe snare targets and give them a slight movement debuff + dot. Or 1h sword + a gauntlet or brass knuckles for a stun combo…maybe spiked gauntlet for armor pierce.
BH: Falchion/Bolo for a longer snare or stun at some range
Axe/Torch combo for a dot
Kerillian Sword/Dagger combo for a followup hit or throw for some snare + extra burst, or maybe some kind of parry combo.

Flashbang powders, elf magic…all kinds of things you could put in an off hand to balance 1 handers out.

I believe the falchion is the most powerful one hander since it’s fast and armor pierces.

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