Suggestion for dual dagger

I tend to play shade Kerillian a lot and i really want to like the dual daggers but i just can’t find a good reason to use them that another weapon can’t do equally well or better.

My suggestion is to give the dual daggers a much better lunge on charge attacks, as it stands they make no sense as to how charge attacks work, they slow you down during charge then give you a very slight dash during the attack animation then slow you down again until you’re completely done with the attack at which you move at normal speed again.

Something else I’d like to point out that made me think about this in the first place is that Sienna’s dagger charge has a decent lunge, why should a mage have more mobility than an assassin type class?

The only reason i can think to use dual daggers atm is because charge attack during shade ult will hit with both daggers(as far as i can tell anyway, can’t test on dummies) which causes a bit more damage than a single weapon would and the higher base crit chance (so I’ve been told) than other weapons which, coupled with her passive instakill from behind and a cooldown reduction trait on her daggers, can be useful sometimes i suppose?

Honestly not asking for anything major here, I just want to play with a weapon that fits the assassin playstyle and makes more sense. As they stand they really are the worst weapon you can use, they have the shortest range, low stamina, smallest block radius and no cleave, the bleed effect is practically non existant and sometimes even fails to 1 shot trash mobs.

Having no slowdown during charge attacks would work for me more than anything else, because you don’t always need that lunge, f.e. fighting a boss which you are dodging sideways and attacking

I’d be willing to settle for this honestly, i think a lunge would be cool though.

They have the highest attack speed, very decent cleave (full 90 right, left, right, mid left to right), equal (well almost equal) range (its literally less than 1/3 of the dummy leg/the size of the small loot altar spike shorter) to its other dual competition only outdone by a amount anyone can actually notice in combat/gives dodge advantage by the glaive, two hander and for some reason the first slash of the normal sword (one would think the thrust would have more reach, but no for some reason it has the least range of the basic sword attacks) and the charge attack is a overhead followed by stab which means no brain followed by easily aimed/not shoulder interrupted headshot options.

Dual daggers are literally the 2nd best option for the knife ear after the glaive (which has the massive value of being able to cleave shield stormvermin) and the best for crossbow fuel boss Shade.

Not to be condescending for the suggestion point, while i do like the idea of fully charged attacks having a bonus, you do know charge attacks do full damage no matter how long you hold the button (for some god forsaken reason), thus just starting the animation/when Kerillian is raising her hands (and not yet slowed) is enough to get the charge attack in.

weapon tweaks should be more closer to real weapons
people cry about spear buff
weapons like spears or daggers are made for piercing armor, this tweak on spear is ok and much more closer on the reality, all other tweaks too, you’re right, light attacks pierces armor even CW but makes low dmg (its all fine)
i cry about dual daggers !
the crit buff on dual swords should be on the daggers
specialy the nerf of daggers are stupid
daggers who made for fast accurate hits, piercing enemys armor to make lots of bleeding wounds do nothing now… reduce dmg on heavy attack its ok because a dagger are just a little toothpicker without weight.
nerfing DoT suxx hard, every hit should cause bleeding…
weapon tweaks should be more closer to real weapons

sry 4 my bad englisch…^^