Hitbox is out of sync shortly after a dash

As you can see in the video, the first attacks of the ragers are dashed away from succesfully, but their follow up attacks register a hit. Even if I am not in range. It is becoming more obvious when you watch the scene frame by frame.

No hit first:

Then the follow up with a hit:

And one more obvious with the second rager holding his weapons over his head, while being clearly out of range:

Unless I’m mistaken, the reason you’re not getting hit the first time isn’t because you’re out of range, it’s because you are mid-dodge and melee attacks just go through you harmlessly for a brief period during this.

But you’re still in range, and so when that brief period ends you can once again be hit.

Look at the last 2 frames from the previous post. The rager holding it’s weapons over his head, with me being clearly out of range. And I still get the hit. This can’t be right, unless my hitbox is supposed to be 2x2 meters.

Same for the last frame on the first post. You can see the rager’s axt being 1m in front of me while the hit is already registerd. This leads me to belive that the hitbox is not moving with me directly after the dash is complete.

not-a-bug !? seriously ?

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You’re joking, right ?!?!?!?!?!?!

yeah their weapon hitboxes seem to extend very far in front of them, it was a problem in vermintide 2 and still is though not as bad as darktide.

The weapons do seem to have a massive reach, and there’s certainly a ‘lock-on’ mechanic where they seem able to hit you even if you appear to have moved far enough away. In combination with the server being in charge, and slow, this stuff happens all the time.
As well as silent hits, where you just suddenly take damage without any noise from the enemy and no warning sounds.

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