Check the hitbox of enemy hits

It’s already been several times that I’m in a game with a stable connection or I’m playing just to test the functions of the weapons, and the hit box of the enemies manage to hit, even if you notice that they hit the air or you notice that there is a lot of space big between the attack and the player, and I notice it even when in a group because it hits the air but the game counts it as if I hit or attacks where they drop in a single very small point and you manage to evade and still it breaks the defense or it manages to hit you when the blow did not fall on the character or ally, or when the enemies attack they travel almost quite a distance with a charged attack and even when they have already dropped the blow they continue to move and the game tends to count that the attack is still in process until they raise the weapon or adjust the weapon

I have felt some funky Stormvermin attacks this patch. Overhead/forward dash specifically.

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