Enemy attack hitbox vs visual weapon size

Can they maybe match?
Or at the very least be within reason.

Some enemy attacks have a hitbox significantly bigger than the actual weapon.
This makes relying on visuals to accurately avoid damage far less initiative.

The mod only works for certain enemies and certain attacks so there is a limit to what we can see.
The CW overhead seems the most egregious:

For the sake of impartiality, some attacks have the opposite problem (and a new one of “Danger Butt™”):

Some enemies look almost pixel-perfect too.

Storm Vermin overhead lines up perfectly for max distance, as does their horizontal slash. You still have the obvious non-euclidean geometry issues, but I’m not sure how much worse performance would be if collision boxes were changed to a trapezoid with more accurate shapes.

Video example:


If it doesn’t load:


Yes, this was mostly looked into due to salt after this death:


In hindsight and with slow motion I was probably close enough to get hit even with a smaller CW attack hitbox, the mistake was trying to stay in that small cave and not just moving out earlier. Moving back where I’d already been is always a dangerous choice.

EDIT: originally this was feedback, but the difference between the Mauler and the Chaos Warrior feels more like a bug, considering how well other attacks, including monsters actually line up correctly (some monster slams are a little oversized, but not to the degree of chaos warriors).


Yeah this is a toughie. From a design standpoint it is like a double edged sword (with a poor hitbox lol). On one side you have incongruous visual feedback which gives the wrong impression, and on the other side you have the potential design oddity of “Dodging backwards always works for every attack” (or every standing attack anyway).

I feel like I’ve developed an intuition about the hitboxes but I know it’s wrong because I’ll dodge backwards from a chaos raider overhead and not get hit and think “I should be dead”

The game might need some rebalancing around new hitboxes though, which could be more involved than just shoring up some geometry.

Having done a little bit of collision programming for games my armchair opinion is that rectangles are not too bad but circles are pretty easy too, depending on how you set your engine up. It might be that rectangles are more core to the engine which is why everything hitbox uses them.

Anyway so, yeah I agree, but probably need a balance pass with this kind of change.

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Possibly, we can only glean so much from mods and in-game experiences.

Player dodge limit and variable dodge distance already covers some of that, and ice skating enemies counter backwards dodges pretty hard too. Can’t dodge what just keeps coming towards you without ever slowing down.

I’m also not even sure if these issues were always present or something messed them up over the years.

That and people keeping asking for another BBB, so not a bad thing to have a balance pass.

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I agree totally on this, hitbox are a very frustrating problem for me.
Can’t count the number of time I or a mate die to a missed hit by the mob…

I think the overhead of the mauler was slided backwards. You will be hit by the overhead when you stand BEHIND the mauler during his overhead.

It also weirdly has a forward hitbox that is actually a bit shorter than the actual axe - judging by OP’s pictures. Agreed it looks like the entire hitbox is roughly the right size but positioned back a bit from where it should be.

I don’t doubt that butt hitbox either, I remember being caught out by it on many an occasion. Just gotta respect Chaos booty I guess.

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