Enemy weapon reach

Let us try something fun… You tell me if that SW downs me from that attack.

He did.


Just Skaven shenanigans. :skaven:

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Well I would definitely try to dodge/block that one but yeah most of the animations hitboxes tend to be longer than the visual.

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League of Legends has this exact same issues where attacks hit beyond their shown hitboxes. I just always assume every attack is going to hit me and block/dodge it.

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Fairly sure league has a thing where each character has a hitbox that is essentially a circle around the character on the ground, a circle which often is larger than the character.

If ability hitbox connects with the circle hitbox then toast is served.

I recall some discussion about Kayle messing with people´s heads at some angles of fire because shots aimed at her body would miss the circle and thus deal no damage even if they visually impacted her.

Which was caused by a discrepancy of body position vs hitbox position due to her floating above the ground.

Let us try ones more! First time was sure fun!

Does this SW hit me?

He does not


I dont understand hitboxes. I’ve learned to hold block in all cases.

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