Certain enemy attacks should not track as far or well as they do currently

Basically what the title says, I feel as though certain enemies have attacks that track players far more than is currently necessary and are borderline unfair to be honest.

Take for example the Chaos Warrior’s overhead swing - It is in my honest opinion that him following you with a couple of forward steps is completely fair, but him being able to practically do a full 360 spin during the wind-up and keep track of your exact position is entirely bullshit, and you basically have to dodge to the side at the exact last second of the swing to actually avoid it (which is easier said than done when it comes time to fight Chaos Warriors + a Horde of multi-faction enemies).

Another example is the Hook Rat’s lunge attack - It basically is the exact same situation as the Chaos Warrior’s overhead swing, but is worsened by the fact that him landing it will outright disable a player and potentially lead to their death (which is always a high possibility since Hook Rats like being around Hordes.)

Many other enemies tend to also have the same sort of issue, including the basic grunts or fodder, where they have attacks that will outright home in on a player no matter how far to the side you dodge and force you into basically back-dodging / running to get out of their range since you can’t actually avoid it through clever side-dodging.

i feel like the choas warrior has a halo 2 sword lunge for his first swing (even when u dodge back the warrior lunges and hits you… guess i should dodge to the right or left lol)

I’ve definitely been noticing attacks landing that shouldn’t have. Teammates also comment on how it didn’t visually look like I was even close to being hit.

I’ve had moments where I dodge backwards away from a slaverat, swing my spear, miss the attack because I dodged out of my own attack range, but I still get stabbed by the slaverat. This is especially noticeable if you’re being chased and backpedaling.

Some of this is player timing, some of it is latency, but surely there is something that can be done to make it more precise.

I think chaos warriors are pretty fair about it since they have big telegraphed attacks and are easy to spot but the small mobs having attacks that reach way longer than their model can be incredibly frustrating.


My only problem with Chaos warriors is that you have to depend on your team not to turn his attack into others who aren’t expecting it. Once I got used to the long reach on their attacks, the only times I’ve been hit were my own fault/I was overwhelmed. I think, basically, when you are fighting a Chaos Warrior, the target of their aggro’s job is just to stand and block their hits while their team kills them. Anything else is just too dangerous.

On Slave Rats it’s really noticeable sometimes how long their reach is - it is intentionally longer than ours to make it more dangerous to joust, I think. It was the same way in game 1 as well. It can look weird, but all of it is just timing, that can get a lot more difficult with latency.