Enemy aggro changes in mid-attack

I’ve noticed recently that if a player gains enough aggro for an enemy to switch target, if the enemy was in mid attack they will 180 the person who got aggro with the attack they were doing. Is this what they are supposed to do?

I know things like overheads and other heavy, long wind up attacks have a little homing to get you to time your dodges properly, but you hitting a chaos warrior when he is winding up his overhead on someone else and then he spins 180 when he is a split second from finishing the attack to insta-hit you feels a bit… off.

Monsters do this as well on their non-advancing combo attacks.


Chaos Spawn seems rly bad for it right now. Not as bad as the troll bug where his damage was(/is?) proc’ing way before the animation completes but spawn slams seem to be proc’ing way faster than before, way faster than roger’s, and it’s worse when it’s changing targets.

especially annoying with the troll, yes

Yeah a similar thing happened to me last night. The Stormfiend was setting up to charge away from me, so I thought I had some time to deal some damage, but then he just did a 180 and charged on my face instantly. I don’t remember that ever happening with him.

Was creating another similar topic. Here is also another thing, if you stanting close to teammate who blocking an attack, with high change, enemy will hit you, even with no aggro. Aswell as your tmm won’t get a hit, nor lose stamina. It can happens even in enemy’s end-attack. Thats the reason why I’m tryin’ to be as far from any tanks as possible tbh. They blocking, and enemy just hit you through him.

yes targeting system for enemies needs to be refined in many areas.

Yeah, enemy cleaving attacks are funky when they hit multiple players probably because blocking them doesn’t cause the enemy to bounce.

Not only cleaving attacks. Mauler’s vertical hit works same way.

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