Turn rate of enemies, and good ol' 180 attacks

Haven’t seen many topics adressing this, but i kinda fell like enemies shouldn’t be able to turn 180 mid-swing. This is most apparent when you ult troll or ogre as shade when he already initiated an attack(stationary one).
It is not a fun way to die, nor does it feel like your mistake. I understand that enemies should be able to turn around fast, but not instantly, and definetely not when they’re attacking.
Had a quite a few moment when SV just 180 me or my teammates with overhead, because he switched aggro. Died a lot to bosses having no restrictions to their turn rate, because, once again they switched aggro mid-swing.
So some limitations on the turn rate of enemies, especially during attacks, would make this game so much more fun(and enemies kind of predictable at least).


I mentioned this a month ago, (with several other things, luckily some of them got fixed) but still no reaction/fix regarding this issue.

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Stuff like that is why ranged meta exists.
Not OP ranged careers but simply the safety that you wont be glitch-killed by iceskating and insta turning mobs teleporting into your flanks and hitting right trough your block because who cares about a steady game engine or performance if you can release the same armor in three colours and over 90000 variants of the default hat as cosmetics.


Don’t worry, it’s been addressed a lot, primarily on bosses that just gut people trying to do damage on them by turning midswing or by hitting them at an angle that isn’t telegraphed and thus shouldn’t hit/grab allies. I hope this gets addressed at some point, there needs to be a point where enemies reliably lock into their animations - something that seems far to find at the moment of writing. At least, when it comes to being reliable.

One other (personal) concern I have is elites not having a ‘‘cooldown period’’ after their swings, especially when paired with iceskating it makes for elites that are impossibly sticky which I feel is poor design when it doesn’t reward you for dodging their attacks when kiting. So if you have 2 CW’s chasing you you’ll constantly be exchanging between the two of them dodging their overheads since there’s no way to build reliable distance between the two of you despite him being a heavyweight in full plate with a heavy 2handed weapon. If this was a feature on just the maulers I’d understand, but heck, man.

I guess my issue with this game is it’s reliability, you could say, and the lack thereof of the mechanics at times. :thinking:


Yes, i kinda wanted to adress skating too, but i saw many topics about it already(all of them ignored by FS). Skating paired up with no restrictions on turn rate make vertical attacks almost impossible to dodge, unless you’re playing HM, which is a huge problem. At this rate we should just roll parry on any melee weapon and learn to use it, or play ranged and try to keep enemies out of attack range(which is why ranged meta exists).

Don’t get me wrong, melee is still relatively fun and manageble, but i’d rather fight stronger but well made enemies(visual reach mathing the actual one, turn rate is fast but limited when not attacking and severely redused during attack animations, no hyperdensity and skating, etc), than weaker with all of those bs mechanics. Maybe one day we’ll actually see those issues resolved, untill then its a ranged focused game.

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