Instant 180 turns from bosses

This needs to change. There is literally no counter play to this, only damage and death at higher difficulties. Bosses are so absurdly punishing to melee classes it’s kind of hard to believe.

Priority number one Fatshark.


the counterplay is easy. just wait for them to get locked in to an attack animation before committing into an attack sequence. anytime they haven’t started an attack(or just finished one), you gotta be anticipating the target switch with a backdodge or block. it’s the same with chaos warriors and their punches.

i usually weave in and out of max melee range with heavy strikes, but i pause when he MAY target switch, then resume again.


Like mookana told, there are ways to avoid/ outplay it. Be patience and dont just spam LMB. Be carefully with slow weapons. With fast weapons like Sword, dual’s etc, it’s possible to react on the 180 turn, but even that is mostly a groundpunch, so… 2-3aa backstep, 2-3aa backstep etc.

Unfortunately sometimes they will perform the insta-180 aggro switch while MID attack animation.

I haven’t seen it a lot but it does happen. I suspect the root cause may be lag.


oh yea i know what u are referring to. basically there is a period of target acquisition time (like SV overhead attack) before the lock-in of slamdown/hit, that is unique to types of strikes done by enemies. some strikes are really fast to acquire a target, causing that 180deg turn. same rules apply tho, gotta anticipate the target acquisition animation and only commit to attacks after it.

i can’t play v2 with more than 150 ping, i will apologise to the players and leave the game lol. unless i’m playing an AOE build like IB or sienna, this game is far too precise to have lag

Well I heard there are some nice ranged careers in this melee focused game.

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Like them ice-skating CW’s… Haven’t seen that lately though, maybe they fixed the CWs.

Ranged > Melee

Check this out, some very interesting clips in there xD


Another element of the game not functioning properly creating unfair situations, being defended by elitist. :>


What? How is he an elitist? He just linked a reddit post of bosses changing targets? O_o

Well… i call 4 heros vs 1 boss an unfair Situation :wink:

Just i told above… go on with patience and it wont be an issue anymore…
I saw a lot of pyros / bh / etc. using their ultimate while i kite properly any Boss or “backstep-lock” an ogre/spawn. And they wonder while they switched aggro and 1shot them…

Pretty sure he is talking about the first response. Which is exactly what he said, taking the opportunity to brag how he can deal with a situation most people would regard as unfair and broken.


ah? Why don’t people quote each other lol… Makes it so much easier to understand

I didn’t mean to imply OP was an elitist, but there are definitely those 'round. Bugs related to both sound and visuals are all intended, don’t you know?

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I just pretend I’m tanking the boss at all times and do the dodge dance in and out even if the boss isn’t targeting me. This will help you avoid the instant target changes but it also indirectly nerfs melee boss DPS.

Guys the games in early access, you can’t expect every system to be ironed out. Save your complaints for release.




That’s basically the standard responses you’ll get here. People report an obvious bug or something working not as intended (non-telegraphic attacks on bosses are certainly not an intended feature) and a bunch of always the same people will jump on and brag about how this isn’t really an issue to them and then come along with sage advice how to deal with it, even though nobody asked for it.

It’s not that it is THAT hard to avoid. In fact, you could argue that in certain situations, the 180-no-scope-slam of bosses mid-attack-chain is somewhat predictable if you keep an eye on the health bar and who dealt the most damage to them the past few seconds. It still discourages engaging bosses in melee more than is already intended and it should be one of the most pressing things to adress. Fighting bosses in melee is actually quite fun if it wasn’t for stupid things like that (and the fact that melee attacks don’t deal enough damage).


Certain situations, sure. But I had a good one yesterday: Teammate went down while fighting a spawn. The spawn kept attacking the downed guy with the tentacle whip attack which doesnt damage him. 3-4 times in a row. I was Slayer and there was nothing else to kill around. So, I settled with the situation being another case of the boss relentlessly attacking the downed guy until he is dead and beyond, disregarding any and every attempt at stopping him… which also happen quite often. So after the third whip, I moved towards the spawn while charging my dual axes. The hit connects, spawn instantly turns around and overhead slams me. He didnt give a damn about the unchained raining hell with fireballs on him or the waystalker spamming hagbane.

I love fighting the rat ogre in melee if I have the aggro. Its a very fun back and forth and you have to be on your toes at all times while being aware of surroundings.
But all the other bosses have some annoyance that punishes melee players above anything else. Troll vomits around him. Chaos spawn has really fast attacks and engages his running attack chain while stationary. Stormfiend flamethrower 180’s are also over the top deadly to melee players as they are very hard to dodge.

My bad, next time someone claims it’s impossible to deal with a game mechanic not working properly I won’t attempt to help them with strategies that deal as workarounds until it’s officially fixed.

I really apologize for being such an inconsiderate ass!@#$.

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