Stop AI from snap attacking

So something I have come to hate from Bosses and Chaos heavy hitters is the instant 180 aggro chops/unblockables. I know I am not the only one wacking away at bosses or armor elites back while he is aggroing another player and mid swing you steal their aggro and they 1 frame flip on you and swing at the same time or are mid swing when they 180 on you and chop/grab/unblockable you in the face with literally 0 chance to see it coming or get out of the way. All I ask is that once a mob starts its attack wind up that they stay on the intended target for the rest of the animation.

Side note the rat general ( who’s name I can’t remember because the mission is bugged out and I avoid it at all costs if possible ) Does a charged swing that hits 360* around him even though the swing is only a Arc infront of him. Is that intended or just an oversight? I like to get hit from weapons that actually hit me not standing directly behind the guy and a 180 swing hits me 10 ft behind his back.

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I don’t think that will change, mechanics like these has been in the game since VT1. I like the one where you push a mob he falls back instantly up on his feet hits you directly after the push before you get a swing off. Or unpushable/interruptable climbers/jumper downers. Or my favorite, I swing right through him with a AoE side sweep, he is unaffected by it, not even hit, hits me and does a ton of damage etc etc. It’s part of the game now and here to stay. I try to anticipate when I’ve gotten a few good shots in on the boss from behind to not stay in his range. Only way to try and mitigate these things.

Bad mechanics should not just “stay part of the game”. Yes some ok a lot of annoying mechanics from VT1 are still in the game doesn’t mean they should be. I get what your saying but as unforgiving as this game currently is I’d rather not ruin it anymore then it already is. I’d keep most of the other bugs just to fix this one if I had to choose.


Weave in and out for your hits and he’ll rarely tag you if you time it right and know your weapon range. I think those hits are there to punish players who mindlessly wail away as if safe.

Haven’t been tagged by one in a long time so they certainly are not unavoidable.

I do not know why people defend broken mechanics and AI issues with “get good” replies. A monster doing a 180 mid swing and/or hitting behind itself in a frontal attack is not something ANY player in ANY game should have to put up with and telling someone who brings it up to get good is really not bringing anything to the table.

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