Miniboss 180

Sometimes Trolls, stormfiends etc will do a sudden 180 in the frame of 0.1sec or so and hit you straight in the face, with no realistic chance to dodge or block. Now, call me crazy or what, but if my memory serves this wasnt actually a thing in vermintide1. Is this actually intended behaviour?

I get that minibosses are supposed to be more mobile and I appreciate the change since vt1 ogres were always very lethargic and got bullied by ppl backstabbing them quite a lot. However, a 180 within like 5 frames or so seems a bit overkill and counter intuitive since in order to kill it, someone needs to pull aggro while others hit it in the back. The good old stab, block, dodge dance seems to still work quite reliably when they aggro on you, which makes it all the more awkward that you seem to take more dmg when attacking them from behind than when theyre actually facing you.

Anyone else getting this too or is this just down to me being a bit laggy on the connection end of things sometimes? If this is actually a thing, I wonder if its intended or not, because to me it makes little sense.

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does this happen when you are host? lag can do crazy things most of the time.

when i am host, things work perfectly as they should be, i feel. no bosses teleporting about, random deaths out of the blue etc

No this isn’t a host thing , my team and i were taking about it last night , they do have an incredibly fast turnaround but I do believe you can preemptively judge when this is coming and dodge/block it , dont try to just focus dps the boss , stay alert and watch him you’ll eventually “feel” when he’s gonna turn and change aggro

i don’t think he’s talking about a change of aggro, a 0.1s backswipe with no warning, you can’t see that coming. animations take maybe 0.5 - 1 sec to play, human reaction is 0.3-0.4seconds.

Also sometimes some attacks have a bit of an arc extending to past their side, so even if you’re behind them if you’re on the wrong side you can get swiped.

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