Enemy turning speed

Its small suggestion that can work wonders, set turning speed cap on enemies and that will solve instant 180 because player will have time to react.


hhahah, I perished yday from minotaur like this, i was behind him, then he 180 me with axe between my eyes instant gibing me :slight_smile: Lesson learned tho, not gonna stay anymore behind him

The irony is that’s exactly how things were until 2.0…

…that may have been the point of the OP actually.

Well not really they still did 180, but with lower dodge time they do it more often

Yes, this has been proposed a couple of times (by myself as well) as sure means of solving the retargeting problems (especially for monsters), but alas. It’s good this suggestion keeps cropping up though.


I just saw that there is in patchnotes turnaround speed, but its probably not working correctly because they can 180 instantly

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Yeah, I remember seeing something like that. Video proofs say otherwise though. I’d actually write of as network-related rubber-banding, but since most times the recordings are made by the hosts, that is out of the question. Just one more on the pile of not-really-fixed or not-really-acknowledged bugs I guess.

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