Shade has a problem with an easy fix

I’d like to bring this up as I see it as buggy behavior. I’ve seen it pointed out, and brought up many times, though dont think i’ve seen a suggestion that wasnt over the top.

The issue i’m referring to is monsters/bosses consistently 180 no scoping Shade the second her infiltrate drops from attacking. I have personally experienced it about 75% of the time, and it doesnt feel good or right.

I’m not saying that she shouldnt get focused… Receiving retaliation for chunking an enemy’s HP is not a problem and in fact should be expected. The issue i’m talking about is when an enemy instantly turns and hits Shade at the exact second she attacks with what essentially feels like zero time to react even when the default reaction is to block dodge away right after.

The monsters/bosses seem to even be able to do this mid attack , which is when you think they would be most distracted but is actually a death sentence for shades who can easily get 1 shot. Just last night I had a Rat Ogre with it’s hands up going to smash, then during it’s down swing, it turned and hit me with it instead of aiming at who it was initially targeted at. I have never experienced this kind of behavior at any other time, even while back stabbing an enemy. There has always been a telegraph when your about to be attacked, except for when you attack with Infiltrate.

To me, this feels more like a bug than any kind of feature. As I’ve said, theres no animation or telegraph that they’re about to turn and attack, they just snap in your direction and hit you. They even seem to ignore the 3 second window your supposed to get from dodging.

My proposed solution would be to add a mere half second (0.5) of undetectable after attacking with Infiltrate. Not enough time to be of any real benefit or add any new strategies/tactics, but just enough react. It’s a cheap solution, yes, but undetectable is already an existing mechanic, and would likely be the easiest solution. A more elegant solution (if this is intended behavior, which it doesnt feel like) would be to have the enemy commit to their intended target (or cancel it), and add a new “back hand” retaliation attack, or even just a turning animation, but that would be a lot of extra work. As it currently stands, it looks and feels terrible and as such, it sticks out like a sore thumb in a game all about reading and reacting to enemies.


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