Shade Feedback 1.0.5

Hi DEVS/Forum,

I started playing shade after this patch, and I have to say, while it’s not perfect, I came to like it(And its totally viable… Im sure that all the people that whining that shade is useless completely misuses it, and has issues with the game and the tactics on a base level… imo).

Still, I found some bugs on her, and also some suggessions to make her better.

  1. Xbow-
  • While the patch fixed most ranged weapon swaps with the priority modification, that did not fixed the xbow, about the last third of the reload animation just locks you in it like no patch happened at all so you still cant swapblock.

  • Also the crossbow bolt trajectory falls off really fast, I think it sould be at least the longbows level if not better (since xbows are much powerful IRL too…and im not playing WS, so im comparing it to longbow performance on HM…)

  • Also I think it could use 15 extra ammo, but this is the least of my concerns, the other two things i mentioned are much more fustrating to me.

  1. Dual daggers sometimes completely missing charged attacks at point blank range, also sometimes it seems like your attackrange is changing, or something like that, I randomly couldnt hit stuff at the usual distance where i was able before.(and mobs still sliding while in hit animation, but i think theres already a thread about it)

  2. Infiltrate-

  • the duration is fine, but I would really like to see some movespeed added to the ability like 15-20%, since i found myself in many situations that chaos knights/bosses just moving away walking(not running, jumping or whatever the spawn and the troll does, just the basic movement that you can dodge away but not outrun with a shade), and you simply cant catch up to them unless they attack or some animation starts

  • In several occasions the mobs just followed me around and even attacked me in stealth. This shouldnt be a feature…

  • Activating the ultimate sometimes makes the screen comepletely black basically blinding you and getting you out of the game for the duration, and other times mostly being too dark and foggy… This combined with darker environment and darker mobs makes you unable to see anything but the tagged enemies in most cases.

  • Its just a suggession, but could be really useful and welcomed addition…
    For maximum damage (and optimal usage…) with certain weapons(all except dualdaggers and maybe 1hsword i think) you need to miss the first powerattack, to get to the second overhead attack(if the weapon has one). Could you change that if you activate the Infiltrate your first charged attack becomes automatically the overhead one at the appropriate weapons?

  1. Lastly a backstab indicator and angle information on char page please…

#also ranald is still ridicolous… 80% of my full champ runs (2grim, 3 tome 1-2 dice, QM bonus, good performance by everyone in the party) I only get general chests…
Not to mention rerolling the same 1-2 unneeded/currently used traits 5-10 times in a row…

Thanks for reading!

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Honestly I tend to agree with a lot of that.

I don’t play Shade myself, but have had enough of them in party and conversations with Shade players. The things you mention are things they have issues with. Stealth and how it works being a large on. Its pretty buggy at present.

I have always appreciated them in party for their ability to completely delete a Chaos Warrior. I remember once being in a really tight space, with just me and a Shade and 3 Chaos Warriors, I was thinking I’d have a serious fight on my hands. But sure enough the Shade just wiped them out one by one while they were on me.

I do agree with the Repeater Crossbow for the Shade and perhaps a little more ammo in it. I use the Volley a lot as a WHC. So I know what it can do. And one of the things that would greatly improve their ability to participate in normal scenarios like a Horde is the ability to thin it out with the Volley. This contributes a great deal whether you know so or not due to the penetration of the individual bolts.

So if they only have 15/15 in their version of it, you may want to think of increasing that a little. I use Always Prepared for WHC which gives me 15/24 on mine and its more than enough to blow a little of it into an oncoming horde. This might go a long ways to helping the Shade Participate more in the party setting too.

I’m also getting attacked while I should be in stealth. Sword and board storm vermin are the worst culprits, they will finish their 3 attack chain no matter what, as will bosses, and I absolutely agree on the need for some sort of movespeed buff. What’s the point of a backstabbing stealth attack if you can’t catch up to your enemies. Of course this will inevitably lead to people abusing it for speed runs, but alas.

It also really irks me that Shade doesn’t get a crit talent like WHC, we have crit synergy not attack speed synergy.

A talent with 5% crit chance could be insane if you run a crit build with DnD.
I think they want that our crit chance could not exceed 20%

Merc hits 25% crit, shade can hit 25-30% depending on a few factors. Also pyro can hit 39%+